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Imola Koshi

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Imola Koshi Tile collection is a vibrant composition of neutral porcelain tile suitable for all commercial and residential purposes. The look consists of a simplicity capable of captivating the most sophisticated consumers. This line is ideally recommended for commercial spaces receiving high and constant traffic, being extremely resistant and durable.

The color palette offered by Imola starts us with their soft antique white Almond, followed by their descriptively named Beige, which is just a shade darker. Maintaining this softness and neutrality in color scheme are their popular greys, consisting of a pure pearl white, as well as their cloud and dove greys, also named after this shade. If a darker grey is preferred, we also recommend looking into their Dark Greys, resembling more of that charcoal tonality popular in more contemporary spaces. Escalating all the way to an exquisite collection of browns, you can find their Cement category, which depicts a beautiful lighter coffee and an equally stunning mocha brown

These tiles are available in two different sizes providing you with your typical tile aspect through a squarely shaped 12 x 12 and a more versatile 12 x 24 to jazz your interiors up. Additionally, we can also admire the inclusion of a mosaic option for every hue already mentioned. Imola Koshi full-body porcelain tiles give us every element to create this enviably simple beauty.
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