HF Design Azure Reserve

HF Design Azure Reserve

HF Design Azur Reserve hardwood blends modern design sensibilities with traditional European oak aesthetics in this beautiful flooring collection. As these wide planks that measure nine and a half inches wide and incorporate a French Oak.

The core instead of being generic plywood or birch, Eucalyptus is chosen for stability and adaptability. Azur Reserve can be installed at, above, or below grade unlike traditional solid hardwood floors that are more sensitive to temperature and humidity changes. Azur Reserve’s engineered construction also allows for different installation methods; whether you prefer glue, nail, staple, or floating the floor, this hardwood collection is crafted with variability in mind so you can enjoy it throughout your home without worrying about the planks buckling or expanding due to climate changes. Its UV oiled finish will add further protection from scuffmarks and high foot traffic, making this collection a wonderful option for homeowners who love to entertain. Unlike a regular aluminum oxide or urethane finish, once a scratch appears, a repair to make the scratch or gouge unnoticeable is somewhat difficult. Oil finish gives the advantage of applying the oil over the scratched area which soaks in and covers any blemish that may be present.

Qualityflooring4less.com offers HF Design Azur Reserve hardwood floors in eight different color options, giving homeowners and designers variety in style that ranges from classic to modern. Bastille is one of our favorites, as its muted dark dusty brown tones make a great backdrop for interiors with a modern rustic flair. Whether you are remodeling a house near the seaside or refurbishing a warehouse-style loft high above the heart of the city, the wide 9.5” plank widths will give this hardwood floor a robust appearance that is so sought after in dwellings with open floor plans.

For something that suits more contemporary design sensibilities, we recommend the Belrose color option, replete with medium tan shades and a more polished patina that fits nicely in living rooms, kitchens, and foyers with high ceilings and panoramic windows. This shade has an innate ability to draw in natural light that will give your living space a subtle luminescent quality that is by no means overpowering, perfect for morning people who still enjoy a good night’s rest. This classic style option also works great in bedrooms, dens, and offices to give the room a warm quality without coming off as too down-homey. The intermediate hues allow your own personal design specifications to work with it rather than against it, so don’t fret if you’re already set on one particular décor.

One of the more interesting options under the HF Design Azure Reserve collection is the Monaco shade, a bold off-white reminiscent of reclaimed hardwood that has washed up to the shoreline. This option is a favorite with designers who want to blend rustic style with modern sensibilities, as its thinly grooved grain patterns supplement its lack of overly loud plank variation.

Oak flooring isn’t usually seen as something with an exotic flair, but the Provence option would be the exception to this unspoken design rule. Replete with interwoven reddish brown tones, distinct graining patterns, and high color variation, this choice is more reminiscent of wood harvested from deep forests in tropical zones than it is of its own species. The flowing streaks certainly don’t go unnoticed, and many designers love the way each plank can greatly increase the spatial depth of tighter rooms when the flooring is laid down properly.

If you prefer high color variation between planks as in the former color option, make sure to check out the light tans of St. Tropez, the charcoal browns of Paloma, and the subtler light charcoal tones of Byblos.

Last but not least is the Eze shade, showing off a medium standard brown that fits a wide variety of contemporary design schemes. All around, the collection is a great option for new builds, remodels, or brightening up your commercial space without having to settle for over-the-top kitsch or drastic busy visual patterns.

How does this series stack up to others in terms of durability? More importantly will your floor look brand new after say five, seven or ten years? Backed by a 30-year residential as well as a 5-year light commercial warranty, HF Design Azur hardwood will last decades, providing the warm, welcoming feeling that hardwood enthusiasts love about a well-designed floor. Much has been said about the maintenance needed for an oil finished floor. In actually, once a year is perfect for most people which considering carpet cleaning is done at least 2 times per year. Refreshing your floor Osmo refresher oil is simple and quick.

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