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Hartco Everguard

Hartco Everguard
The Hartco Everguard collection offers the beauty of rigid core flooring with technology that is designed to make it last a lifetime. The collection comes with 100% waterproof protection and is resistant to impact and dimensional stability in high traffic areas. These floors are also incredibly resistant to scratches and denting, making these floors ideal for kids and pets.

This collection has Everguard core construction that eliminates air pockets, resulting in an increase in product hardness and protection from moisture.

Planks can be installed at, above, and below grade. Planks can also be installed in three season rooms as well as in rooms with direct sunlight without them Installation is easy and fast. The collection comes with the Everguard core construction that enables precision milling of lock. The floors are also able to handle a change in temperature. Planks dont experience crowning, cupping, or wear layer delamination.

The Trending collection comes with a Lifetime Limited warranty, a 10 year Limited warranty, and a Residential Use warranty. It also comes with a Light Commercial Use warranty.

The Hartco Everguard Collection

The Hartco Everguard collection is split between two different mini collections. The Classic collection comes in five different colors and the Trending collection comes in five different colors.

The Classic collection offers a range of mid-tone flooring options. Timeless Look is a blend of fark browns and light blondes mixed together with knots throughout. The floor has a very creamy and sophisticated appearance to it. It is perfect for a kitchen or living room area.

Fall Harvest is a blend of mid-tone brown and dark browns blended together to create as sophisticated yet slightly rustic flooring option. The bold hints of dark brown contrast with the light browns to create a weathered, rustic appearance to the floor.

Deep Taupe is a unique color option in this collection. It is a blend of light greys and light browns. This floor has a more muted overall tone to it and is the perfect neutral backdrop to any space.

On the lighter end, Crystal Gray is a light, soothing, contemporary color. This would pair well in a minimalistic space. Mountain City is a medium-tone grey that blend together a variety of tones to create a refined flooring option.

The Trending collection offers a range of rich, bold colors that add character and design to a space. Botanical Tan is a soothing, light blonde floor that has hints of warm, mid-tone browns throughout. This floor would be stunning in a space that has a lot of light coming through the windows.

Sand Washed is a warm, light blonde floor with slightly darker tones of brown throughout. This floor would be perfect for a kitchen space. Southern Hills is a bold and stunning blend of dark, coffee browns and warm, medium-tone blondes. The contrast of the two makes for a stunning contrast and a floor that has a lot of character to it and makes a statement.

Dark Timber is the darkest flooring option in this collection. The boldness of the browns makes for a floor that is muted yet bold due to the darkness of the wood. This is perfect for a formal space in a home or an at home office area.

Ocean Style is a unique color option in this collection. A blend of dark greys, light greys, and browns, this is a floor that has a unique contrast of colors that come together to create something that is different from what you would normally see in a flooring collection.

See something that would fit well in your space? Give us a call at 510-698-5142. We are here to answer any questions you may have about this collection, other collections, or flooring in general.

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