Hallmark Regatta

Hallmark Regatta
The Hallmark Regatta collection incorporates the European Oak, American Hard Maple, and American Hickory species to create stunning visuals that are sleek and sophisticated. The visuals of this Regatta collection are created through hand-applied glazes, skip sawn textures, graining, unique brush techniques, and hand-scraped surfaces.

Worried about day to day wear and tear? The Hallmark Regatta collection is made with quality hardwood and is extremely durable with a long lasting finish. Each plank has a spillproof finish on its top layer. The floors are also waterproof with a waterproof center core that protects against even high heel dents. With a lower layer padding that adds quiet comfort, these floors are comfortable underfoot and insulated from cold subfloor. The planks are made from a blend of pure virgin vinyl and stone.

Planks in this collection can be installed above, on, or below grade and can be installed using the glue down or float installation method.

When it comes to the environment, these floors are 100% FloorScore certified. FloorScore is one of the most recognized indoor air quality certifications for hard surface flooring materials, adhesives, and underlayments. These floors are safe for the environment as well as for people.

The collection comes with a Limited Lifetime Structural and Residential Finish warranty as well as a five year commercial finish warranty and a ten year commercial structural warranty.

The Collection

The Hallmark Regatta collection is made up of twelve stunning colors that range from light blondes to warm, chestnut browns and soothing greys. No matter what your interior design goals are, there is sure to be something that will fit well with your space.

The collection is full of soothing neutral tones. Regatta Halyard Oak is a light, blonde floor with knots throughout and slightly lighter shades of blonde tones. This is the perfect floor for a contemporary, minimalistic space. Regatta Ketch Hickory is another soothing neutral tone in the collection. A light blonde floor with an overall warm tone to it, this is another great neutral flooring choice for a space. This floor would pair well with light, neutral home décor. Regatta Starboard Hickory is a contemporary, mid-tone brown flooring option that pairs well with a variety of interior design styles. This floor is perfect for a bedroom, living room, or kitchen space. Regatta Spinnaker Oak is a blend of light brown and dark brown knots throughout. The knots in the wood make it appear more rustic while the smooth appearance of the floor and the light, calming color make it appear sleek and contemporary. Regatta Starboard Hickory is a light brown mid-tone color. This subdued brown flooring option is a good fit for a space where you want to add a slightly relaxed yet sophisticated feel to it.

When it comes to grey flooring options, the collection offers three different choices. Regatta Ballast Maple is a mid-tone, sleek, grey flooring option. A blend of slightly different shades of grey, this flooring option elevates a space and adds a sophisticated feel to it. Regatta Sailmaker is a very light, soothing grey flooring option. A blend of varying light shades of grey, this sleek floor adds a soothing touch to a space. Regatta Winward Hickory is a bold, dark grey floor. The varying tones of grey add a slightly rustic feel to this floor while its sleek look adds a level of sophistication to a space.

For darker shades of brown there are also a variety of options available. Regatta Port Hickory is warm, chestnut brown that has a soothing appearance to it when the light hits it. Regatta Anchor Oak is a sleek, mid-tone brown option. Regatta Compass Maple has more of a rustic appearance to it. A blend of a range of brown tones, this floor has a sophisticated yet rustic appearance to it. Regatta Leeward Oak is a blend of warm blonde and mid-tone browns. The flooring is warm and inviting. Regatta Harbor Oak is the darkest flooring option in this collection. This deep, dark brown has a bold and powerful effect on a space. This is perfect for a more formal space such as a formal living room, dinning room, or home office.

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