Hallmark Grain Saw

Hallmark Grain Saw
The Hallmark Grain and Saw collection combines the raw, rustic beauty of hardwood flooring with sleek designs that add elegance and sophistication to a space. The collection is full of stunningly unique patterns with distinct designs and personalities. The Grain and Saw collection is designed with juxtaposing characteristics. Hand tooled saw marks and enhanced natural grain gives these planks the beauty of raw, natural hardwood.

The planks come with a hand glazed satin finish of Aluminum Oxide and Nano Technology. The finish guarantees that these planks are quality made and incredibly durable. Each plank is engineered so they have a greater dimensional stability than solid hardwood. This collection is also finished with Truemark Glaze Tek finish. The finish gives planks a unique depth and richness.

When it comes to installation, the Grain and Saw collection can be installed using the glue down, staple, or float method. This allows you to decide which installation method will be best for your flooring situation.

The collection comes with a Limited Lifetime Structural warranty and a Residential Finish warranty. It also comes with a five year commercial finish and a ten year commercial structural warranty.

The Collection

The Grain and Saw collection is made up of eight bold and rustic hardwood flooring options. The colors range from light, warm, blonde tones to warm, chestnut browns.

Morris Oak is a blend of blonde tones and warm, chestnut browns. With varying shades of brown and knots throughout, these floors have a rustic yet sleek appearance to them. This is perfect for adding a rustic touch to a contemporary space. Greene Maple is a blend of light blondes, greys, and mid-tone browns. This blend of both light and dark tones creates a floor that is unique, sleek, and sophisticated. Larsson Hickory is a dark, bold, brown flooring option. The boldness of the floor is perfect for more formal spaces such as a formal living room, dinning area, or home office. Stickley Hickory is a warm, chestnut brown that is the perfect backdrop for any space.

Hoffman Hickory is a blend of light greys and a variety of brown tones. This unique blend of colors creates a floor that stands out and makes a statement in a space. Ballentine Oak is a light, soothing, contemporary floor. Tiffany Maple is a blend of a variety of different shades of grey. This rustic, yet contemporary floor is inviting yet sophisticated at the same time. Ruskin Oak is a sark and bold brown flooring option. A blend of bold browns and light browns with knots throughout, this floor is rustic and sleek. It pairs perfectly with neutral home d

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