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The Hallmark Floors Novella collection is as innovative as it is captivating. This collection is designed to be compatible with any space and style. There are a variety of options when it comes to finish, cut style, and color. The Novella collection is perfect for someone looking to design every aspect of their flooring, and love every step of the way.

Durability: The Novella collection’s top layer provides long lasting wear. In addition to the strong top layer, these planks are also cut vertically which makes them more durable, for years to come.

Colors and Styles: There are 17 unique and stunning colors to choose from. But, here at QualityFlooring4Less, we know there are a lot of factors that go into choosing the perfect tone, so read on to learn more about each one.

On the lighter side, there are two absolutely gorgeous shades to pick from. The fairest of them all is the Hickory Hardwood. This option is for someone wanting their floor to appear untouched, while having a blonde tone. The Hemingway Oak also blends pale colors, while also working in some darker hazel details.

On the darker scale is Fitzgerald Oak, as it has gorgeous coffee colors that can completely pull a room together. Another deeper shade is our Harper Maple choice. This one is a combination of chestnuts and hazels, which is classic and always on trend.

For those with their sights set on flooring options that offer a cherry or auburn undertone, look no further! The Thoreau Hickory color has a gorgeous, potent crimson tone. For something less intense, opt for the Dickinson Maple, which has a blend of chocolate browns and a subtle cherry undertone. The Elliot Hickory choice lets the amber colors shine through, while not being overpowering.

If you fall somewhere in the middle when it comes to how light or dark you imagine your future flooring to be, then check out this collection’s beautiful medium options! The Rand Hickory pulls together all the best shades of brown and grey, and pairs them with striking dark details. Another option that’s easy on the eyes is our Whitman Oak color. This one is especially captivating because of its muted chestnut blend that pairs well with any furniture or home aesthetic.

Installations and Warranty : These beautiful, versatile planks can be installed using the staple, glue, or float methods. All of the choices in this collection come with the full manufacturer’s warranty.

No matter which of the colors, styles, and finishes you decide on, they will all make your home appear just as special as it truly is.

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