Hallmark Floors Alta Vista

Hallmark Floors Alta Vista

Finally, a flooring collection that doesn't force people to walk on eggshells in their own home! Hallmark Alta Vista wood is exactly what any homeowner needs to complete their kitchen, living room, or bedroom. This wood is oil finished, which gives it a natural, effortless look that perfects any space.These planks come in beautiful shades that are wearable, no matter what spills and mishaps occur.

Hallmark Alta Vista Durability

The majority of our Hallmark Alta Vista wood is cut from white oak, which is sought after for how wearable it is, even on a daily basis. (Yes, that means kids and pets are welcome.) It's 5/8" thickness makes it have better dimensional stability than other flooring options. The veneer is 4mm, making it much thicker than most wood's top layers. It is 7.5" wide and up to 78" long, to fit any room or space.

Colors and Styles

This flooring doesn't disappoint when it comes to colors and styles. There are plenty of different shades and tones to pick from, so you don't have to settle! Our La Jolla flooring was made for you if you are looking for something on the lighter side. This option can add dimension to even the smallest room, while appearing elegant and simple. If you prefer a shade that is pale, but has some added shadowing, then consider our Balboa choice. It still offers a blonde tone, but gives the homeowner more shades to coordinate with furniture.

For those that are looking for a medium shade that will go with anything, and looks timeless, check out our Cambria and Laguna choices. These two are similar in the sense that they don't fit into the cliches that light and dark woods exude. Cambria is unique, but still gives a room an elegant sense of style. Laguna offers a neutral hue that is absolutely evergreen.

Our Malibu and Pismo floor types both blend beautiful colors and tones that give the owner more variety when deciding on furniture and cabinets. The Malibu is the darker of the two, with stand out planks that are deeper tones than the rest. This flooring is going to compliment most colors and aesthetics throughout the home. The Pismo type is more blended and understated than the other choices, making it the perfect choice for any minimalist.

Are dark flooring tones more your style? We have a variety of darker tints that all bring something special to the table. Our Carlsbad flooring has deep shades of black and grey, which gives the room a modern touch. The Ojai is less intense, but still emphasizes the wood's natural grain. Our Del Mar type provides a different type of depth, completed with a subtle cherry undertone. The Big Sur option appears mature, with a blend of chocolate browns and coppers.

Hallmark Alta Vista Warranty

Hallmark Alta Vista floorings come with a lifetime warranty, for both commercial and residential installments. In actuallity this is one of the most strongest warranties offered by any hardwood manufacturer. There is peace in mind knowing that these planks will be free of wear and stains caused by external light sources or normal amounts of water down the road.


Hallmark Alta Vista flooring installation process makes for a relatively simple do-it-yourself project. Our options can be installed using glue, nails, staples, or the float method. This variety of installation methods make it manageable to align with different construction and climate requirements.

When it comes to choosing the right type of flooring, there are a ton of types to consider. But, we know one thing for sure: flooring should be beautiful, durable, and high quality. Our Hallmark Alta Vista flooring line is no exception to that philosophy.

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