Hallmark Floors True

Hallmark Floors True
The Hallmark True collection stands out in the world of hardwood flooring. Unlike other wood planks, this flooring is 100% natural, meaning we don’t use any stains or dye to enhance its already gorgeous, authentic tone. Indulge in truly natural, oil-finished wood flooring that you can ensure is unique to your home, and your home only with the Hallmark True collection.

Gorgeous tree trunks will often sit in lakes and rivers for thousands of years, where they are stripped of light and oxygen. This process evolves the wood, creating stunning and unique colors and tones. Thanks to modern technology, we are able to speed up century-long processes of natural saturation, so you can enjoy this unique wood throughout your home, now. What makes the Hallmark True collection even more extraordinary, is the fact that the wood keeps developing for up to 24 months.

There is a protective low sheen, which makes for authentic wood planks. If accidents occur, the surface layer makes it easier to repair or touch up. Traditional wood planks have colors only applied to the surface, but this one has color applied all the way to the core. In a nutshell, this flooring has it all.


The Hallmark True collection’s wood planks have an ultra thick layer on top, which makes for lasting durability for years to come. This layer has a 5/8” engineered sawn cut, making it much thicker than traditional planks.

Colors and Styles:

With 12 beautiful blends and tones to choose from, this collection has it all. We offer a few lighter colors, including Lemon Grass Oak, Orange Blossom Hickory, and Ginger Lily Oak. All of these choices give the space more dimension and depth. These planks vary from pale blondes to honey tones, each one being understated and delicate.

If beautiful beiges are more your style, the Silver Needle Oak and Jasmine Hickory are exactly what you need! Both of these blend elegant taupes and greys, but are unique in their own way. The Silver Needle Oak option lets natural grains and imperfections come to surface, while Jasmine Hickory’s tones appear more blended and neutral.

If you are looking for flooring that is a combination of chestnuts and hazels, then consider our Gardenia Oak and Neroli Oak planks. These are timeless, and complement most furniture. There is something special about rich, chocolate colored flooring that is both subtle and classic.

The Onyx wood is absolutely beautiful because of its dark, intense black tone. This color is especially rare because creating tones as dark as this one can take anywhere between 4,000 to 5,000 years, when nature takes its course. A flooring this intense is sure to make your home standout, in all the right ways.


Because QualityFlooring4Less is an actual brick and mortar retailer, you receive the best possible warranty when you purchase with us. Our Hallmark True flooring comes with a lifetime warranty, for both residential and commercial installments.


Be sure to make sure the flooring conditions meet the Hallmark True collection’s requirements before starting the installation process. Installation methods include: nail down, float, glue down, and over radiant heat. Now, enjoy your gorgeous, authentic Hallmark True flooring!

If you are undecided about which flooring option is right for your home, and you value authenticity, uniqueness, and durability; consider wood from the Hallmark True collection. Every home’s flooring should be as special and unique as the people that live there.

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