Chesapeake Coastal

Chesapeake Coastal
The Global Gem Coastal collection is made up of stunning vinyl flooring options. With flooring that resembles the look of real hardwood flooring, these floors are made to make a statement in your space. These floors are extremely durable. The Global Gem Coastal collection is also environmentally friendly as well as Floor Score certified. Floor Score certification is an indoor air quality certification for hard surface flooring materials, adhesives, and underlayments. These floors are healthy for people and good for the environment.

Planks are 6.5mm thick with a 20 mil wear layer. This layer protect planks against everyday wear and tear. Planks also come with an IXPE pad. The pad offers moisture protection as well as shock absorption. This layer keep floors mold and mildew resistant.

Planks comes in 3 different sizes of:

7" Wide x 48" Long

8.86" Wide x 48" Long

9.0" x 60" Long

This series is made to be installed using the floating method. Floating floors are easy to install and they are DIY friendly. If damage does occur, these floors are also easy to replace.

The collection comes with a number of warranties such as:

Lifetime Residential Wear Warranty

Lifetime Waterproof Warranty

Lifetime Structural Warranty

10 Year Limited Light Commercial Warranty

The Collection

The Global Gem Coastal collection comes in a range of ten different colors to choose from. The collection has a wide range of options from dark grey to unique brown blends. Sand Dollar is the lightest flooring option in the collection. A warm, light brown with knots throughout, this floor is both contemporary and rustic. It would complement a space with neutral home decor and furnishing. The knots and texture of the floors give this vinyl floor character. Pearl Cove is the darkest flooring color in this collection. A blend of dark and light greys, this floor is bold and makes a statement. Glistening Sand, on the other hand, is a light grey. This blend of light greys with hints of darker grey pairs well with a minimalistic, Scandinavian interior design. Thibodaux and Creole are both beautifully blended, warm brown flooring options. Thibodaux has a colder hue to it while Creole is warmer. Both options are a blend of light browns and chocolatey, rich browns with knots throughout. For some sandy brown options there is Coquina and Distant Shore. Both are a blend of light browns and light blonde hues. This adds a soothing and relaxed feel to a space. Cockie is a blend of dark and light browns with an overall warm hue to it. It is a bold and rich flooring option. Cockie is perfect for a space that is meant to be more rustic in appearance. Finally, Banded Olive is a mix of bright whites and medium tone greys with a rustic look that gives it an aged appearance. This makes for a flooring option that has a lot of character to it.

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