Gaia Black Series

Gaia Black Series
The Gaia Black Series vinyl collection brings luxury to reality with its collection. Vinyl flooring that is state-of-the-art and perfect for the modern home while bringing superior performance is a hallmark of Gaia. These floors aim to take your home to the next level through high-quality floors that resemble natural hardwood floor while providing more benefits in the process.

Gaia offers vinyl that rises up to take on all challenges. When you need a superior floor that is durable that will hang in there with you through the toughest of obstacles, the Gaia Black Series does so. The floors are 100% waterproof and Floor Score certified to ensure theyre going to last and eliminate any fears you may have. Planks have a 20 mil wear layer and are 10mm thick to ensure water doesn�t damage them. With a thick floor that also aids in sound absorption, you have the peace of mind knowing that not only are you walking on a floor with maximum strength but one that also creates a silent atmosphere. Planks are 9 x 70 for an extra wide look that will keep the floors looking like the natural wood aesthetic even more.

The floors also have a ceramic bead finish that will transcend the rest of your home. The beautiful smooth finish adds an extra splash of elegance to an already carefully crafted product. The installation process has also been made incredibly easy for you as well. Gaia seeks to reduce headaches by making an effortless DIY project via drop click installation. This will help reduce anxiety when putting together beautiful floors in your home.

The Gaia Black Series comes with four beautiful floors for your home. Each offers a vibrant look that will bring your designs together to create a beautiful image that will stand out in the present and continue to last well into the future.

Athena is a beautiful light blonde vinyl. It�s golden glow really lights up the space and will amplify the rest of your home under natural lighting.

Atticus is a blend of cream, grays, and maybe some subtle beige. This floor is incredibly light in color but accentuates the features of your home tremendously.

Eyre is an amazing golden brown. It gives a traditional and classic appearance that will certainly be a favorite in your home. These floors harken back to a look that will bring fond memories and remind you why its a perfect floor to stand out in your home.

Sawyer is a cool medium to shades of dark brown. These floors are pattern filled with exceptional grains and knots that give it its own vibe in the collection. Sawyer is a fantastic mix of colors that will be sure to catch the eye.

The Gaia Black Series vinyl collection is built to last with a limited 50-year residential warranty as well as a limited 10-year commercial warranty. These warranties provide comfort in knowing that you have chosen a superior collection that is engineered to last for as long as you own your home.
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