Florim Pier

Florim  Pier

Florim Pier Tile Flooring is a new and exciting collection inspired by nature � where rustic elements meet natural shapes and colors, and the result is an incredibly warm ambiance that will provide the building blocks for a gorgeous room or building design. If it's all the natural beauty of hardwood with all the practicality of wood grain tile flooring you're after, this collection was made for you.

The Florim Pier collection combines the simple beauty of organic wood with everyday practicality, giving the porcelain tile floor a traditional look and a strong naturalistic appeal. The vibrant colors, the wood grain texture, and the astounding size evoke memories of the most beautiful American piers, resistant to the pounding waves day after day. An array of four gorgeous and organic colors with high definition graphics portrays the sense of real wood to both residential and commercial applications, which this collection would be perfect for in either setting. Pier Balboa is a light grayish sand-colored hue, and the collection moves to a more traditional wood grain look with Pier Santa Monica. A reddish tint layered with medium brown tones shows through in Pier Navy and a medium, chocolatey brown is available in Pier Cocoa.

As previously mentioned, the collection comes in a larger-format plank � 6x36 inches � which provides for unique designs and patterns. A cove base is available for the trim to complete the look seamlessly. With a breaking strength, this collection exemplifies the true value of porcelain tile flooring. It offers the largest array of design options one of the most durable and least expensive options over the lifespan of the building or residence. Impervious to water, easy to maintain, environmentally friendly and resistant to germs and bacteria, Florim Pier Wood-Look Flooring is one of the best options for high quality wood-grain tile.

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