Paragon Mix Plus

Paragon Mix Plus

The Paragon Mix Plus The Paragon Mix Plus is the first of a five-part Floorte Pro vinyl collection series that invites you to explore the pines and oaks that you can use in any way you dream. From the seemingly simple layers to more diversity of color and design, you have a fair but reasonable selection to make. Under the direction of FloorScore, an independent and voluntary certification program that tests hard floors, Paragon Mix Plus is guaranteed to act in compliance with its strict indoor air quality emissions.

The Specs

Inclusive of 5”, 7”, and 9” in. planks x 48” in., the Paragon Mix Plus is visually appealing in four designs which resemble well the wood. So why Paragon Mix Plus? The series is not only beautiful, but it is also 100% waterproof for its high performing floor that it promises. The thickness is at five and a half mil., with a wear layer of twenty mil. The installation offers two simple options of gluing or floating, a method that is used in domestic settings and does not acquire nailing or gluing. The Paragon Mix Plus offers ScufResist Platinum finish which holds up scuff marks and stains six times more than any other competitive product. To finish off the Paragon Mix Plus, it comes with a ten-year warranty and a lifetime residential warranty.

The Paragon Mix Plus 4 is free from ortho-phthalates, a chemical that would be harmful to the flooring production process and have been proven to cause health problems. The product promises safety of health of those that enter your door and no matter their length of stay.

The Colors

The Paragon Mix Plus collection isn’t a huge collection, but it does still offer a diverse and unique selection of luxury vinyl flooring. From dark and bold flooring options to warm, yellow tones, this collection offers variety.

Blackfill Oak is a blend of light and dark greys that come together to create a sleek and contemporary floor. This flooring option is perfect for adding a sophisticated feel to a space. Brush Oak is a blend of dark greys, warm, mid-tone browns, and light browns all blended together to create a rustic yet sleek floor. Distinct Pine is a light, grey floor that has an overall contemporary look to it. This is the perfect option for someone who wants to blend a rustic look with a more contemporary overall feel to it. A weathered and lightly dented appearance adds to the rustic appeal of this flooring option. Touch Pine is a warm blend of blonde and honey brown tones that come together to create a flooring option that is warm and inviting. This floor is perfect for a living room space.

See something that would fit well in your space? Give us a call at 510-698-5142. To check out more collections from Floorte vinyl, click here.

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