Floorte Endura Plus

Floorte Endura Plus

Floorte Pro Endura Plus WPC is a highly rated flooring option for both commercial and residential spaces. The collection brings together sought after natural hardwood aesthetics mixed together with a durable, resilient waterproof format.

While hardwood flooring sometimes has limitations, Floorte Pro Endura Plus can be installed virtually anywhere indoors, including in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and mudrooms.

Due to its WPC (wood-plastic composite) core construction, this lovely flooring collection can be installed at, above, or below grade without encountering any moisture or leveling problems.

When it comes to maintenance, these floors are easy to maintain. Another added benefit to Floorte Pro is that itís very easy to clean; a simple damp mop and routine sweeping will keep this floor looking pristine for many years.


The Floorte Pro Endura Plus collection is offered in a range of 20 colors. When it comes to installation, choose between a standard glue-down or floating click installation. The plankís rigid core construction provides enhanced dimensional stability and as a result is able to hide imperfections in the subfloor. The floating click installation option is offered with an attached acoustical underlayment that is ideal for providing extra sound dampening as well as a softer feel underfoot. Each WPC vinyl plank is rated to withstand stationary loads of up to 2,000 PSI.

Planks in this collection come in 7 inch by 48 inch dimensions that are perfectly in line with current wide-plank trends and is protected from the elements by a 12 mil wear layer and an ArmourBeadTM finish. Backed by a 30-year residential warranty as well as a limited commercial 7-year warranty, youíll be able to enjoy Floorte Pro flooring for years to come no matter where it is installed.

Shades of Walnut and Oak

This floor replicates aesthetics of the oak and walnut species with stunning accuracy and precision thanks to vast improvements in high-definition imaging technology. With styles that fit well in all interior design spectrums, ranging from the classic to the contemporary. No matter what style your space reflects, youíll be able to find a flooring option that works for you.

Cinnamon Walnut is a neutral dusty greyish brown that is great for establishing a rustic feel to your living space. Pairing this style option with antique furnishings is a popular favorite with shabby-chic designers. Keeping in line with rustic design sensibilities, Gray Barnwood is another popular option thanks to its timeworn, hand-scraped appearance. The hand-scraped appearance makes for a unique flooring option that will make a statement in your space. With a blend of light and dark grey this floor has a rustic yet modern feel to it.

Alabaster Oak, Ivory Oak, and Shadow Oak are all bright bluish-greys that look best in rooms with high cathedral-style ceilings and large panoramic windows, as each plank patina reflects natural sunlight without restraint. Alabaster Oak is a stunning blend of varying shades of grey. Ivory Oak looks rustic and has a vintage feel to it. This floor will add a lot of character to any space. For something more subdued, consider going with the deep browns of Umber Oak and Sepia Oak. Umber Oak is sure to add a serious feel to any space. Perfect for a home office space. Sepia Oak also has a serious look to it. With a bold, dark brown color, these floors are the epitome of true sophistication.

Auburn Oak and Amber Oak are both reddish brown tones that pair well with mahogany furnishings, great for designers who want to establish a warm, inviting atmosphere throughout the home. Auburn Oak is a beautiful cherry brown floor that is rich and inviting. Amber Oak is a blend of dark and light browns that blended together give a space a serious and sophisticated feel. Ginger Oak is similar in shades, only slightly more rustic and toned down.

The neutral mid-tone greys of Smoky Oak, Neutral Oak, and Oyster Oak go very well with modern decor schemes. Try pairing these shades with black leather sofas and glass tables for a sleek, sharp, up-to-date appearance. For a milder look, consider trying out the subtle greyish-browns of Tan Oak, Almond Oak, or Hazel Oak.

Accessories and Moldings

Donít forget to make your Floorte Pro flooring project complete by browsing our offered accessories and moldings. If you opt for a glue-down installation, make sure to add Shaw 200, Shaw 4100, or Kwikflash adhesives to your order. Reducers, T-moldings, stairnoses, and quarter rounds are available to give your floor smooth transitions into other rooms and to minimize unevenness in awkward places.

See a flooring option that would look amazing in your space? Give us a call at 510-698-5142. To see other Floorte Vinyl options check out Floorte Classico and Floorte Cross Sawn Pine.

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