Floorte Anvil Plus

Floorte Anvil Plus
The Floorte Anvil Plus collection is as stylish as it is strong. These vinyl floors come in a range of colors and designs that offer your space the look and feel of real wood. The collection comes with Armourbead technology that creates a wear layer that gives planks a layer of protection. With a wear layer of 6 or 20 mil, these floors are durable and can stand up against every day wear and tear. The flooring is made of stone plastic composite. This means that these floors are 100% waterproof and have an incredible level of durability to them. SPC floors are engineered with advanced technology that mimics the appearance of natural wood floors. This makes for stunning flooring that is natural looking and made to last at a lower price point than natural hardwood flooring.

These vinyl planks can be installed above, on, or below grade. For installation purposes the floors can be installed using the float method. Floating vinyl planks work well in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and bedrooms in a home. Floating floors are easy to replace if they become damaged. They are also easy to install so the installation process is quick and easy. Planks come in a size of 7” x 48”.

The collection is made without ortho-phthalate plasticizers (including benzyl butyl phthalate). Virgin vinyl polymer is used in order to avoid legacy chemicals that often come with post-consumer recycled content. Shaw considers the lifecycle of every product when going through the manufacturing process.

The Anvil Plus collection comes with a seven year light commercial warranty as well as a fifteen year commercial limited warranty.

The Collection

The Anvil Plus collection is made up of ten stunning vinyl flooring colors to choose from. From grey flooring options to rich browns, this collection has something for everyone. River Bend Oak is a blend of light and medium tone browns. The floor has a neutral, light brown appearance to it. It is the perfect backdrop for a more modern space and will complement an overall neutral and minimal aesthetic. Highlight Oak is a medium tone, rich vinyl flooring option. This vinyl flooring option is perfect for a den or home office space. The dark and rich color of the floor adds a level of sophistication to a room.

There are many options when it comes to light brown flooring options. For a textured, light, rustic flooring option there’s Accent Pine. With weathering and knots throughout, this floor looks worn and rustic. For a more subdued and clean look, there’s Chatter Oak. This Anvil Plus vinyl floor would pair well with a minimalist aesthetic in a space. Mineral Maple is a light brown flooring option that is rustic, yet sophisticated. This floor would pair well with a home with a farmhouse décor theme to it. The Mineral Maple floor creates a light and inviting feeling in a space while still providing a lot of character.

For a unique flooring option for your space, consider Clean Pine and Beach Oak. Clean Pine is a blend of light greys with slightly darker greys and light brown throughout. Beach Oak is a rustic grey flooring option. It has a worn, inviting look to it and looks as though it belongs in a cabin space. Grey floors delicately highlight the décor in a space and make a room airy and light. It is an excellent flooring color to use as a backdrop for any interior design style. Greige Walnut is a muted grey floor that almost has one hue to it. This floor would pair well with modern and minimalistic home décor.

There are two slightly darker grey flooring options when it comes to the Anvil Plus collection. Dark Elm is the darkest grey flooring option in this collection. A blend of light and dark greys, this flooring option is bold and makes a statement in a space. Grey Chestnut is a light and rustic grey vinyl floor. The blend of grey tones creates a floor that is both sophisticated and modern, while also having a rustic touch to it. No matter what interior design statement you want to create in your space, there is a grey flooring option in this collection that would complement your space.

See a vinyl flooring option in the Floorte Anvil Plus collection that would be perfect for your space? Give us a call at 510-698-5142. We can answer any questions or concerns you may have when it comes to flooring or the Anvil Plus collection in general. To see more collections from Floorte vinyl, click here.

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