Flaviker Dakota

Flaviker Dakota
Flaviker Dakota is an exquisite tile collection including the latest trends and an eclectic combination of the rusticity in the old, and the glamour in the new. This series has found the ideal balance between the most popular array of styles and themes in history, specifically adopting a portion of inspiration on traditional European and mid-century modern architecture. Its color palette and sizes accurately resemble a gorgeous wood look, while maintaining that unique charm and quality that high-quality tile is able to provide. This collection is imported from Italy with of course the details and quality one would expect.

Starting with the colors, the clean, modern aspect of their Tortora selection submerges us into a classic rustic contemporary appearance you’ll end by falling in love with. Grey mix with brown with the very subtle light gray background. This option is followed by the elegant hue Flaviker Dakota Grigio, which is more closely associated with a natural oak tonality, distinguished by that shading of gray and darker marks of chocolate brown. The lightest of the grays come out in this rustic pattern of wood that has been naturally aged. For a lighter look, the blondness of Avana is a subtle mix of golden honey and warm chestnut, giving a warmer and more homey feel to your interiors. This color hits the lighter color palette that lends a very neutral tone but keeps the wood feel. Finally, their Flaviker Naturale which takes the look most close to an oak. Featuring tonality is exquisitely presenting us with a scale going from your lightest oak, to a clear stain of cherry oak, providing you with some of the most authentic wood looks out there.

These porcelain tiles are available in two different sizes. The first is one not commonly found that is a tall eight inch by an impressive sixty seven inch length. There is also a slightly smaller size, that keeps the eight inch wide plank but features a forty eight inch length. Moreover, these surfaces are considered to be “naturally imperfect”, accommodating to the idea of their sustainability, being environmentally friendly by playing close attention to the production processes to protect our natural resources.
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