Exquisite Manor

Exquisite Manor

Mamre Floors Exquisite Manor collection consists of oil finished hardwood floors including a neutral, contemporary color palette and a minimalist appearance which demonstrates that simple has never looked better. These planks give us a different type of modern feel, which accurately incorporates all of the elements needed to make a chic design statement through your surfaces.

How many shades of grey do you need to achieve your dream interior surroundings? This series’s answer includes a scale of your favorite neutral tonalities, a selection introduced by Balmoral, which through cedar browns, lighter tans and ash hues, presents us with a gorgeous option to complement our residential and commercial decor. Followed by this last selection is Exquisite Manor Burghausen, keeping those browns, tans and grays that we love, and blending them together to create smoother transitions and an even more elegant effect. Nevertheless, if you’re still a huge fan of your typical natural browns, then Edinburgh’s caramel and camel tonalities can take you back to a glamorous, yet, traditional, space capable of being integrated within any theme and style. This array of browns can be expanded through Highclere’s coffee browns and Matsumoto’s beautiful umber. Finally, our scale of grays doesn’t end there, since colors like Fredericksborg are continuing with that jet black combined with lighter ash hues, while Malbrock strives to keep that dark oak and rosewood shades. And if you consider yourself a fan of silver gray and cleaner environments, then the minimalist idealism specified through Segovia can easily aid you in the completion of your interior spaces.

These oil finished hardwood planks are available in a simple 7-½” x ⅝” size, commonly found on natural wood plank selections and flexible enough to work with when redesigning the decor of your home and business.
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