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Emser Tile Chronicle

Emser Tile Chronicle
Emser Chronicle tile flooring captures the true essence of waves of lights that brilliantly hit an object at the perfect angle. This flooring collection is a watercolor daydream complete with spirited twists of colors and patterns that make it an aesthetic dream. Choose from light to dark and none of your choices will be wrong because every single selection is utterly gorgeous in every detail. If you want to escape the pitfalls of your scheduled and meticulous life, you have found the right choice in this collection.

Emser Chronicle Era is an elegant concept of white and licorice colored waves on a purely white backdrop to deliver a precious and classic flooring concept. Emser Chronicle Memoir excellently named as the colors and mixtures of white and muted gray present a stream of milky waves. We think it would fit ideally in any bathroom.

Emser Chronicle Record is certainly reminiscent of a record with circular waves bolding standing in front of its murky, gray backdrop. Chronicle Script almost resembles the tiniest words in a rigged, fabulously uneven blend of grays, black, and chalky white.

Ultimately, this tile flooring assortment chronicles the aesthetic charm of a water colors with hues of bright, dark, and deep shades that are far from traditional, but extremely interesting to the eye. Though only available in one size, the collection does offer a Bullnose and a mosaic style which always increases and enhance the overall aesthetic value of any flooring concept.

If you love waking up to an ocean view, you will love walking on a floor that is almost as beautiful as the ocean, but functional like the antiquities of our days past.

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