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Emser Tile Chiado

Emser Tile Chiado
Emser Tile offers leading flooring designs and is the producer of some of the world’s finest tile and natural stone available on the market. Emser flooring is designed with both residential and commercial spaces in mind.

The Chiado collection brings together the subtlety of cement with the new form of porcelain tile. These tile options elevate a space and add a contemporary décor style to a room. The neutral tones of the porcelain tile create a cool, contemporary surface that opens up a room and makes a statement. Tiles comes in a range of sizes. Choose between tile sizes of 20”x20”, 13”x13”, and 12”x24”. For a look that is visually appealing and makes a space feel open and expansive, go with larger tile sizes. Large tile is perfect for a small room that you want to make feel bigger than it is. Small tiles, on the other hand, add depth and make a space feel more compact. It’s important to think about your interior design goals prior to choosing your tile size in order to create the ideal look you would like to have. Add different sizes of tile together for a unique flooring style that will aesthetically elevate your space.

Tile is the perfect addition to your floors or walls. Whether you are remodeling a bathroom or doing a kitchen renovation, tile can make your space more aesthetically appealing. Tile can also make a great addition to your outside space. For a unique addition to your home or commercial space consider using tile for countertops and backsplashes. This often elevates a space overall.

The Collection

Tiles comes in a range of beautiful colors that can really enhance a space. The Chiado collection from Emser Tile is no different. Atolia is a soothing grey porcelain tile that creates an open feel to an environment. Perfect for a bathroom area. For a unique and colorful porcelain tile there’s Carson. Carson is made up of an array of different light pink hues blended together. Jerome is a blend of medium toned greys with a blend of lighter grey throughout. This is a blend that creates the effect of porcelain tile looking like actual cement. Midas is a dark grey blended with hints of lighter grey throughout. This creates a modern look to the porcelain tile and again makes it look like actual cement.

This collection is small but the options are bold and stunning. If you are looking for contemporary tile for your space, this is the perfect collection for you. Pair with home décor that is also contemporary for an overall environment that is understated and elegant.

If any of these tile options are sticking out to you, give us a call at 510-698-5142. We would be happy to get an order going for you or to answer any questions you may have. For a look at more Emser collections, check out Emser Tile Milestone and Emser Tile Cosmopolitan. There may be options in those two different collections that stand out to you and get the creative interior design thoughts going.

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