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Eleganza Vogue

Eleganza Vogue
The Eleganza Vogue collection is a gorgeous design that lends itself to any type of décor, be it traditional, contemporary, or something else entirely. Its design is warm and inspired by the beauty of nature, giving your space a splash of elegance only offered by nature without the worry of harm coming to nature! There’s harm done in the process of obtaining hardwood flooring and there’s harm from the type of life the wood will face from the amount of traffic that will cross your wood. But with this collection, you get everything fantastic about wood without all the worries and stresses that come with actual wood.

This tile collection comes in 4 gorgeous colors. There is the Eleganza Vogue Bianco that is a gorgeous light colored interpretation of wood composed of almond hues with heather grey graining and knotting, giving the “wood” an overall charming, beautiful look. Tobacco swoops in as a very warm shade of brown reminiscent of cocoa. Throughout this interpretation is beige graining etching across the “wood”, creating a bit of character for the “wooden” plank. Antracite is unique in that it is made to look like wood that has been painted black. The tile’s etching and graining adds to the look of wood where the graining helps determine the way the color of the black looks overall on the tile. Tortora is a unique hue as it appears to have all the previous colors of this collection mixed into one, creating a something new and charming as well as unique. The browns, tans, and greys blend harmoniously so if you’re indecisive on the color you like best, Tortora offers the best of all worlds.

True to actual hardwood planks, the Eleganza Vogue tile collection measures in at a wow-ing 8”x48” for each plank. With such a long option, you really get the beauty of each individual plank and an easy installation process.
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