Edimax Sands

Edimax Sands
Edimax Sands tile flooring deliver timeless and robust surfaces for your home or office. Easily achieve sophisticated interior spaces with the appearance of magnificently finished ceramic tile. This environmentally conscious, non-toxic, and sustainable material is an excellent low-maintenance option for any living or working area. The neutral palette found in this collection makes it highly adaptable to a diverse range of decorating styles and indoor environments. Cosmopolitan or rustic, ceramic tiles suit a multitude of tastes and trends.

The subtle texturing of each ceramic tile adds depth and interest to any interior when using this collection. Popular colors available within this line are: Edimax Sands Brownsand, Darksand, Greysand, and Ivorysand. As the names imply, these attractive hues each evoke the image of a natural stone created by nature over eons of time. Brownsand is warm, like the iron-rich soil of the Sonoran Desert. Every tile contains veins of light tan and darker umber. Edimax Ivorysand is similar to the white windswept sands of New Mexico with pearly streams of light cream and pure white, it is sure to leave a lasting impression. Greysand offers a slate color delicately mixed with ash highlights and bands of pewter. The patterns of each colored ceramic tile vary to evoke a natural appearance. Impossible to distinguish from pure natural stone, this tile is ideal for a cultured modern environment as attuned to its modern setting as the natural word. This harmonious blend of the natural world with neutral modern design sensibilities are sure to work well with any decorating scheme.

Edimax Sands tile flooring also offers mosaics for design flexibility in addition to its larger 18
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