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DIY Marazzi Tile Flooring

Installing Marazzi Tile Floors

With Marazzi tile, there are a few different installation options depending if you are installing floor tile, wall tile or mosaics.

The type of subfloor is important to your installation options. For example, if your current subfloor is plywood, you can either install backer board or apply a layer or mortar. Based on your selection the downloadable instruction manuals below will provide the information you'll need such as:

  • a list of required tools and accessories

  • rules for preparing your subfloor

  • guidelines for your work area

  • step-by-step instructions

To download the information, click on the instruction manual. But remember, these are general guidelines. Once you have purchased a specific product, you will need to make sure there are not product-specific guidelines you need to follow.

Marazzi Installation and Care Guide

Marazzi Archeology & Summerville Flooring

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