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Daltile Saddle Brook glazed porcelain tile flooring takes the wonderful aesthetics of natural hardwood and brings it to your home in a durable, water-resistant format. Using Daltile's very own Reveal Imaging® technology, Saddle Brook recreates natural wood patterns with unmatchable accuracy and precision, fooling even the keenest of eyes at first glance into thinking that these tile planks are made of real wood. While we love bona fide hardwood, it isn't always the best material to use in areas prone to moisture such as kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. Saddle Brook has a water absorption rating of less than 0.5 percent, so worry not about installing these wood-look porcelain tile planks in the aforementioned areas. Resistant to chemicals and spills, no special cleaners are needed to keep Saddle Brook tiles looking pristine; simply use water or a diluted solution of standard household cleaners. This glazed porcelain collection is also highly resistant to abrasion and scratching, as it retains a rating of 8.0 on the Mohs hardness scale.


Saddle Brook is offered in 6" x 36" tile planks. The intermediate width of the planks ensures that they can be matched with a variety of design options and are a safe choice for those who want wood looks but can't decide on a particular tailored interior décor.


Daltile's Saddle Brook collection is considered a rectified tile, just as nearly all wood-look porcelain tiles are. Standard ceramic and porcelain tiles are usually cut to dimensions before they are fired in a kiln, so there may be some slight variation between tile sizes, hence the need for grout. This is quite pronounced on ceramic products such as Saltillo tile. Rectified tiles, on the other hand, are cut to size after firing, so the slight variations in dimensions are greatly reduced. This is ideal--and almost necessary--for wood-look porcelain floors as narrow grout lines are required for the tiles to look like hardwood planks accurately.

Wood Colors

All four colors offered in Daltile Saddle Brook showcase a traditional, rustic look with these hardwood replications, making them a favorite with shabby-chic designers who desire wood aesthetics without the maintenance hassles of the real material.

Oak Trail is the lightest shade available, working well in rooms with skylights and large wall-to-wall panoramic windows to draw in and reflect sunlight. The blend of off-whites, beiges, and light dusty browns create a sense of cheerfulness and a warm, welcoming environment. Oak Trail looks great in living rooms and foyers for a good first impression on your houseguests.

Walnut Creek is on the other end of the color spectrum, with its mix of charcoal and matted browns that really bring out the characteristics of traditional time-worn oak. Advances in printing technology have made the grain patterns highly realistic, and the Walnut Creek color option draws out these attributes perfectly. Pairing very well with traditional and rustic décor, try matching this color with off-white furniture or use it in areas that require privacy and seclusion, such as home offices, dens, or bedrooms.

Farmhouse generally skews more rustic, with a matte mid-tone dusty brown patina that resembles reclaimed barnwood. The replications of knotting and grain patterns are quite pronounced, making the appearance of this color option highly authentic and true to harvested handcrafted wood.

The neutral grey tones of Gravel Roads have the innate ability to match with both traditional and contemporary décor, so if you're not quite sure what you want as far as interior decoration goes this is a good flexible, almost universal option. Neutral greys such as Gravel Roads are a good fit for modern design schemes as well.

Quick Design Tips

While many people decide to install their wood-look tile floors in a traditional parallel layout, the Daltile Saddle Brook collection can also be used in a herringbone pattern. With alternating porcelain tile planks perpendicular to each other, areas of your living space will project enhanced spatial depth, especially rooms with open floor plans and high ceilings. To accentuate the herringbone pattern, feel free to mix and match Saddle Brook colors for maximum contrast.

In addition to floor applications, this Daltile collection can be used for wall accents and even countertops. Match the counters and walls with the floor or use alternating colors for stunning visual patterns.

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