Daltile Quarry Textures

Daltile Quarry Textures

Daltile Quarry Textures is the perfect tiling option to choose for high traffic areas and commercial applications, as well as walkways and pool decks. This tile collection is designed with a slight texture, creating a non-slip surface, and is an extremely durable flooring option. This tile comes in eight eye-pleasing colors and offers a classic appearance in any area where it is implemented due to its brick inspiration. If you are searching for an affordable yet strong and durable tile with an attractive appearance, then this line of tile is a great choice to consider.

This tile collection is available in several rustic shades. Daltile Quarry Textures Diablo Red is a very simple deep brick reddish brown color which will easily give your space a classic look. Red Flash on the other hand is a deep brick reddish brown tinged with a dark grey color to give the tile a bit of a rusted, burnt look. Both red variations are common choices for use in restaurant kitchens, outdoor patios, and other areas with high traffic and moisture. Ashen Grey is a simple heather grey, giving this brick influenced tile more of a concrete look. The variation of this grey is the Ashen Flash design. Utilizing a blend of grey hues, this is a neat color in that it also appears to have a tinge of blue within the greys. Both of the grey variations are equally suited for use around the house or in a commercial environment. Getting into the browns, there is Adobe Brown, which is a simple, light brown with the texture of a brick, like its red and grey counterparts. The variation of this brown is Adobe Flash which is the subtle blend of the light brown with tinges of light grey. Sahara Sand is simply taupe. Nothing more, nothing less. Desert Tan is a very light tan color grained with hints of grey mixed in.

This Daltile Quarry Textures tile collection comes in three sizes. There is the small 6

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