Daltile Haut Monde

Daltile Haut Monde

Blending soft sandstone with modern hues is what makes the Daltile Haut Monde flooring series. Versatile as it is French in the name, this series offers not only residential use but also is an attractive collection for a commercial location. This contemporary lineup is designed with a warm, welcoming space in mind. The soft, fine-grain natural look of sandstone works to support a uniform appearance with a contemporary designs, bringing a haut look to your space.

Featuring warm and cool colors, this flooring collection offers handsome beiges and cool greys. The lightest of the hues, Nobility White, is soft and sweet in appearance, making this a great, classic color. Leisure Beige is an off-white color for those that want a color that is white but not too white and too light in color. Perhaps Daltile Haut Monde Aristocrat Cream is the warmest color of the spectrum as it is soft and warm. While this hue is light, it is not too bright in appearance. Though cool in color, greys are warm in their own right. Though light, warm colors are indeed inviting, cool colors are also inviting in that deeper colors are calming as they are not as loud. By keeping it simple and sticking to the sandstone appearance, this collection uses a taupe that hasnt strayed far from the lighter colors with the Elite Grey. This soft sandstone line then uses a deep grey that actually appears to use a hint of purple to help shape the magnificent shade of Glitterati Grey. At the end of the grey spectrum comes the harmonizing of various rich shades of grey mixing together to create the Empire Black hue. All of these light hues are inviting colors, dotted and veined with deeper beiges, adding hints of white throughout the tile to add to the soft hues of sandstone look.

Each of these six colors come in the contemporary sizes of 12x24 and 24x48 as well as the classic size of 24x24. The Daltile Haut Monde also offers a 2 x 2 mosaic design which are great for wall space accents and finishing touches. This sandstone series features the ever important trim tiles: Bullnose, Cove Base, and Cove Base Corner to help you finish your projects look.,/p>

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