Custom Versabond LFT White

Custom Versabond LFT White

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Product Description

Custom Versabond LHT is a premium grade thinset mortar for large heavy tile (LHT). Perfect for walls and floors and approved for residential and commercial installations.

Recommended for

Any large format tiles. Tiles are considered as large format if the length or width measurement is over 18". For example square/rectangle tile that are 12x24, 18x36 or 24x24. Plank tiles that are 6x36, 8x48 or similar

Why Use Versabond LHT?

Versabond LHT was designed to resist the increased weight and support a larger, heavier tile because the edges were prone to slumping creating unevenness. Formulated to reduce tile lipage caused by shrinkage compensation when thinset is curing. Ideal for wall application to prevent movement or shifting of the tile during installation.


  • Made with an exclusive non-slumping formula (to keep tiles level and even)
  • High bond strength to help adhere to floor/walls

*Please note Custom LHF may not be available in all areas. For locations and availability call 510-698-5142. Custom LHF must accompany a minimum flooring purchase of 400 square feet


Coverage: 1 Bag (covers approximately 70 square feet
Construction: Setting Material
Manufacturer Guidelines: Flooring orders less than 300 sq. ft. cannot be processed.
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