Triversa Prime is a stunning collection that is durable and made to withstand the day to day wear and tear of daily life. These vinyl floors are made with a phthalate-free stone polymer composite solid core. This core in the plank provides it with strength, durability, and indentation resistance. Have pets of kids? These Triversa Prime floors are pet friendly and easy to clean and maintain. With floors that are 100% waterproof you will never have to worry about damages from spills. With a lifetime residential warranty and a 10 year commercial warranty, one will never have to wonder if these floors will be able to withstand the test of time.

The Collection

The Triversa Prime collection is available in a variety of magnificent colors that will bring a wonderful and modern visual to any room in your house. Within these colors, you not only have color options, but you also have the selection of hardwood, stone, and tile.

The hardwood portion offers striking colors and patterns, that possesses a real wood look that is nothing less than perfect. Acacia Wood Natural is a brilliant wood design that is mixed with beige and dark brown accents to create a very lovely plank. The dark brown colors are seen to be gently pressed and stretched throughout the main beige color to generate a fashionable style that will look gorgeous in any room of your home. This urbane hue looks perfect with dark or light styles, leaving you to be innovative and inspired in your decorating.

The stone selection has tremendous visuals, such as, Terrene Brown Swirl, which is portrayed to be an extremely chic and classy style. This stone plank mixes browns, greys, white, and hints of beige into one another to produce a painted, swirl that is simply fantastic. If you are someone who loves to have a sophisticated sense of style, this color is perfect for you. Its elegant, unique, and looks fabulous when placed with white accents, making the floor illuminate with boldness.

Carrara White Frost is another stone choice that everybody enjoys. On the other spectrum from Brown Swirl, this floor is mixed with whites and very light accents of grey, producing a well-dressed visual. The light accents of grey are gently brushed within the whites, making it appear as if the grey accents are simply floating among the whites, just like a cloud in an open, blue sky. Very suitable in kitchen areas with dark accessories.

Wild Mora Crme Brulee is one of the popular design in this collection. This wood plank consists of brown, grey, and beige colors, all incorporated into one another to produce a fantastic graphic. The intertwined colors are so fluent and flawless. They blend together to create a rustic look that mirrors real-wood bark from the trunk of a tree that lies in a forest up north. Absolutely-stunning with pops of character when put with black and white accents styles. Another top choice in wood is Cedar Crest Embers. This rustic wood plank combines browns, whites, and greys into one, to mold a spectacular look. The whites and greys within this plank are formed into the browns to generate a smoky and pastoral painterly that is very urban and modern.

Apart from dark colors is Zig Zag Chantilly Lace, which is a woven plank that mixes very light tints of white, grey, and beige, to produce a faded, rustic color look that really is beautiful. This interlaced plank perfectly places its colors together in such an artsy way, giving it a high sense of fashion. These planks look flawless when placed in wide-open rooms that have immense amounts of natural light.

Triversa Prime is available in several sizes, leaving you to get very creative with how you want your floors to appear. Whether you are doing a residential or commercial project when it comes to your floors, these sizes will fit your innovative needs and will not disappoint. Some sizes offered are: 7 inch or 9 inch by forty eight

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