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Sun Salute

With the arrival of Spring comes renewal Ė a time when nature springs back to life with gifts of flowers and sunnier days. The days get longer and brighter, and we seek to convene with nature and get outdoors. Spring is the season most associated with rejuvenation and rebirth, where we shed the long winter and look to find more hopeful days. Springtime comes with ancient rituals that help us enjoy lifeís simple pleasures.

The most elemental of these is waking up each morning and saluting the sun. When we look outside and greet the day, we are practicing optimism and set intentions for the day ahead.

Today, the sun has never been more welcome, as we yearn to be outside among nature and admiring the sunshine. Letís not forget that the sun is vital to our health, healing our bodies and minds. And when the sun isnít out, we can enjoy sunny days inside with bright yellow interior accents to lift us up and salute the sun.


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