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Reach for the Sky

Cities are exhilarating with their dramatic architecture and soaring views. They provide endless inspiration from the activities of daily life, to the urban fabric that unites us, where people coexist with buildings and the street. As cities become more desirable for business, culture, and personal opportunity, they are shaping the future of human experience. With people moving to cities in search of connectivity and community, urban areas are constantly changing and embracing new ways of working and living.

The best cities are well planned and fluid—using space high above ground, at the surface, and below—to maximize their efficiency and growth. This includes skyscrapers, born from modern architecture. Constructed of steel grids and walls of glass, we aspire to build tall and reach for the sky. As an industry, we acknowledge a huge influence from the Bauhaus (hello Mies Van der Rohe!) and also the International Style, which helped cement the idea of building up into the clouds.

Skyscrapers are a true testament to the ingenuity of designers and engineers, and to the aspirations of mankind to look up at the sky above. However, to dream and live above the city, we need stability, reinforced strength of our building’s framework, and balance. When buildings stand tall, people can too.


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