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In these unprecedented times, we believe there is opportunity to be united more now than ever to usher conversations around design, sustainability, health and wellness into their next chapters. Amidst challenges can also come optimistic solutions, new ways of living, and beautiful surprises, seen both within mankind and nature. Now is an opportune time to slow down and experience quietude. It is a time where we can turn to our inner selves to seek serenity and calm.

Listen to the sounds of nature, listen to your heartbeat, and listen to your breathing. Practice mindfulness, which requires no distractions and being present in this moment. Practice gratitude even if youre grateful for ten minutes to yourself. Quietude is not just about having a still mind and body, but also a place to experience tranquility and peace of mind.

Create this for yourself by embracing quietude with calming and comfortable interiors, both internal of body and mind, and of your living and working spaces. Lean on your family and friends, but also seek your inner strength. Find quietude in exercising creativity in an entirely new way.


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