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Glimmer of Gold

All that glimmers is gold, at least thatís how the saying goes. Now is a great time to incorporate a little glimmer into your life. Weíve looked at resetting your space and rebalancing your space, so letís look at adding a touch of glamour to your space with hints of gold, charcoal, and black. Itís time to dress up, freshen up your interiors, and get ready for the summer with shimmery metallic tones and glowing rays of light to brighten our spirits.

Mohawk introduced a metallic gold yarn in our Heathered Hues yarn bank, and this lustrous yarn is the perfect tone to brighten up any space with cheer and sophistication.

Gold is also a warm hue, connecting us with natureís warm palette and reminding us of the sun. Mixed with darker tones, the glint of gold dazzles to elevate our moods and dress up any interior.


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