Chesapeake Stockbridge

The Chesapeake Stockbridge collection is a stunning White Oak hardwood flooring collection that offers rich, rustic tones that will enhance a range of spaces. Whether deep, rich brown tones or subdued beige and grey floors, the Stockbridge collection has something for every type of interior

Planks come in a minimum length of 12 inches and a maximum length of 60 inches with a width of 5 inches. The planks are all 3/4th inches thick. For installation, these planks can be installed using the nail or staple method.

The collection comes with a 25 year Residential warranty and a 3 year Commercial warranty.

The Collection

Toasted Almond is a blend of both warm chestnut tones and light brown highlights. The mix of tones give this floor a warm and inviting feel to it. Overall the floor has a very rustic appearance to it that makes it a good fit for a cabin space.

Kona Oak is one of the darkest flooring option in this collection. The floor is a mid-tone brown that is a blend of both dark brown and light brown tones throughout it. Gingersnap is a dark and dramatic blend of deep brown tones and light hints of blonde and mid-tone brown highlights. Urban Bronze is a blend of both light, warm blonde tones and chestnut browns. The floor has a warm and inviting appearance to it and complements any kind of interior design style well.

Antique Lace is a light flooring option that is a blend of both light ashy blonde tones and hints of beige that give these floors an overall calming effect on a space. Buttermilk Oak has similar colors as Antique Lace, however, the floor is a darker blend of beige and light brown tones and has a very sleek and contemporary appearance to it. Both of these floors are perfect for adding a neutral backdrop to a space. Ancient Arrow is a light, mid-tone grey floor that has a contemporary appearance to it.

To learn more about the Chesapeake Chemistry collection, call us at 510-698-5142. To see more from Chesapeake flooring, click here.

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