Chesapeake Fairways

The Chesapeake Fairways collection offers naturally aged flooring that offers a stunning range of color palettes and visuals. The collection is made up of solid hardwood flooring that is cut from trees in one solid piece. A natural hardwood floor is stunningly authentic and completely timeless. It adds a charming and inviting appearance to any space.

Every plank is wirebrushed finished and double stained with a loss gloss finish. Every plank also has a Urethane finish that acts as a protective layer that covers the floor and helps keep it durable. These floors have a 1260 Janka rating.

When it comes to installation, these planks can be installed using the nail or staple method. Planks come in a minimum length of 12 inches and a maximum length of 48 inches with a 4-3/4 inch width. The planks come with a thickness of ¾ inches.

The natural solid hardwood flooring must be properly acclimated, installed, and cared for in order for to look its best. However, these floors don’t require a lot of maintenance. Use soft brooms or microfiber mops to remove dust from the floor. Never wet mop or steam mop these floors as water can easily damage hardwood. Always avoid walking on the floors with pointed shoes such as cleats or high heels. If there is a liquid spill make sure that you wipe it up quickly.

The Fairways collection comes with a 25 year Residential warranty and a 3 year Light Commercial warranty.

The Collection

Bandon is a warm, chestnut tone that has blonde highlights throughout. Torrey is a blend of light chestnut tones with dark knots that give this floor an aged appearance.

Cypress is a light grey floor that has a contemporary yet rustic appearance that pairs well with neutral home décor and furniture.

Whistling is a rustic floor that is a blend of brown and ashy white tones. This is perfect for adding a slightly rustic feel to a space.

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