Chesapeake Cromwell

Chesapeake Cromwell
The Chesapeake Cromwell collection is the home base for all things neutral! Shop now and save up to 30% off Retail Prices! This engineered hardwood series from Chesapeake understood the value of the simple things in life. To make a long story short, they are sticking with the basics! The twelve beautiful colors and styles are sure to impress any homeowner. Not only is the color palette immaculate, but these planks als have amazing dimensions. Homeowners can expect these floors to have 5/8 inches for the thickness, 7.5 inches for the width, and random lengths! This flooring collection gives power to the buyers when it comes to the installation process as well. From float, to glue, to staple, the possibilities are endless! Keep reading to learn about these beautiful, classic color options.

Colors and Styles

Like we had previously mentioned, this collection offers amazing staple colors that you won't get sick of as the years go by. One of the best-selling simple options is the Paint Brush color. Paint Brush is a blend of beiges and chestnuts. The design also offers authentic knots and grains that add some character. Another beautiful natural color is the York Town option. York Town is perfect for anyone looking for a more intense version of the Paint Brush. The colors in York Town are elevated and intensified, while still maintaining the effortless ambience that taupe and beige offer. The Piscataway color is a beautiful, more unique option. The planks are very dynamic and eye-catching, due to the combination of autumn and brown hues. This red undertone is subtle, but pops enough to create a unique design.

Are you more interested in some modern gray options? Then be sure to check out the Fallsgrove floors. These planks embody the chic farmhouse trend right now, thanks to their absolutely stunning silver and taupe hues. The Urbana color is similar to Fallsgrove, but it exudes more beige and brown undertones. This is great if you want the best of both worlds, like a combination of grays and browns to perfect your home's interior design.If you are wanting to add some unique texture to your home, don't count out flooring! The Pebble color is an amazing way to add a dynamic character in a subtle, elegant way. Pebble has a blend of chestnut browns and beiges, with cool blue-gray undertones.

For those who are wanting to add a feminine touch to a space, consider the Rose Haven color. Like the name would imply, there are some rose colored elements throughout the design, but they are not the base shade. A delicate beige gray color stands out on the planks' surface, but in certain lightings there are rose details that really complement the neutral colors. Another beautiful color is the Gwynn. Gwynn really elevates gray and silver hues, and has a stunning arrangement of knots and grains that make the design appear more rustic. The silver tones paired with the rustic surface make for an elegant, yet farmhouse ambience.

The Chesapeake Cromwell collection really nailed the basics! From the stunning grays to the staple browns, mixed with varying finishes and detailings makes this series perfect for anyone who enjoys the simple things. (But, still appreciate the unique elements.) No matter which color or style you opt for, you can be sure that you will enjoy it for years to come, thanks to the durable engineered hardwood construction. Like always, if you have any (and we mean any) questions about this beautiful collection, please give us a call. We are happy to help, and are passionate about floors!

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