Chesapeake Chemistry

Chesapeake Chemistry
The Chesapeake collection is a stunning engineered French White Oak hardwood flooring collection. Each White Oak plank is brushed with a low gloss to it.

Planks can be installed using the Glue, Float, or Staple method.

The collection comes with a 30 year Residential warranty and a 5 year Light Commercial warranty.

The Collection

The Chesapeake collection is made up of a range of colors to choose from.

There are a lot of warm, light tan flooring options in this collection. Atom is a mid-tone light tan floor that has blonde highlights throughout. Noble has a similar overall tone to it with a slightly darker tone. Catalyst is a light, rustic blend of browns and ashy whites. This floor is perfect for adding a worn, rustic appearance to a space. Salt is a warm blend of both warm honey browns and light blonde highlights.

Energy is a stunning blend of warm chestnut browns and light, ashy browns with blonde highlights throughout. Family is a blend of light tan and beige tones with knots and weathering throughout. Fusion is one of the lightest flooring options in the collection. The floor is a light beige blend of slightly darker tones that give it warm, contemporary feel.

Quantum and Reaction are both cool grey tones that give a contemporary feel to a space while also having a slightly rustic and worn appearance to them. Quantum is a mid-tone grey flooring option that has a bolder appearance to it. Reaction is a light grey that has a cool, contemporary feel to it.

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