Caesar Whisper

Caesar Whisper
The Whisper Collection by Caesar Tile is inspired by the beauty of natural wood flooring. Whisper is inspired by the pure and authentic look that natural hardwood has in any space. Inspired by natural wood, the texture of the tile is subtle, with a matte finish that is nice to the touch. Every detail has been thought of in this collection in order to make its design have the same look and feel as natural hardwood flooring.

Tile Design

Caesar Tile uses cutting-edge technology when it comes to tile. The best quality materials and designs are put into their tile collections and the Whisper collection is no different. With a design style that is inspired by the quality and details of natural wood, this is a collection that speaks for itself. Looking for tile flooring that is natural wood inspired and will make a statement in any space? This collection is for you.

The Collection

In terms of color, there are five natural color options to choose from. The colors capture nature�s variety with colors ranging from light grey to cherry-brown. Breeze is a beautiful light grey color that gives a modern and open feel to any space. Ash is a blend of a range of grey tones. This gives the tile a more woodsy look and feel to it, while still remaining modern. Sand is a light wood option that has a variety of brown tones throughout it. For a more woodsy and cozy feel to a space, this is the perfect tile option. Forest has the same woodsy feel and warmth about it while offering a darker brown tone. Cherry is a unique darker tile option. With blends of dark and light brown mixed with hints of cherry-brown, this color is a bold flooring option.

Tile Sizes

The Whisper collection offers two different options in terms of tile size. The 8�x40� staves size option is perfect for any use while the 8�x40� chevron tile creates a classic and elegant feel to surfaces. For those interested in having a wood mosaic, there are 2.5�x19� listels that are available.

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