Caesar Origin

Caesar Origin
The Origin collection offers a range of tile options to choose from that are both natural and elegant. Color options in this collection are balanced with streaking in the tile to create a design variation that is discrete and natural looking. Porcelain tile from Caesar tile is good for the planet and good for you. Tile is durable, safe, and toxic-free. With the tile being waterproof and extremely durable, these floors are made to last. For flooring that will look as good as the day you got it for years to come, you cant go wrong with the Origin collection.

Tile Sizes

In terms of size, this collection comes in three different tile sizes. For a smaller rectangular look theres the 12x24 option. For a nice square look go for the 24x24 size. Lastly, for a larger rectangular look theres the 12x24 option. Tiles are offered in two mosaics sizes of 2x2 and 3x8. If you have a smaller space, dont be afraid to go with a bigger tile size such as a 12x24 option. Larger tiles can actually make a small space feel larger and more open.

The Collection

There are four color options to choose from when it comes to this collection. Desert is a light brown color that will open up a space. With light streaking throughout this is a tile that had rich detail to it while still remaining a neutral additive to any space. Boulder is a bold, dark grey color that has light grey streaking throughout it. For a modern look and feel to a space, Boulder is the perfect porcelain tile option. Arctic is a beautiful grey color that has a lot of streaking in it. For a light, modern feel to any space, this is the perfect tile option. Lastly, Canyon is a medium-tone grey that has a lot of streaking and veining throughout. This collection is full of porcelain tile options that are rich in details, making for tile that makes a statement in any space.

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