Caesar Link

Caesar Link
The Link collection by Caesar Tile offers contemporary design that combines the versatility of concrete with the appeal of stone. This collection blends the beauty of natural stone with the strength that concrete provides. With fine grains and details throughout the tile, this is a collection that evokes modern elegance.

Tile Sizes

The stone tiles come in a range of colors, sizes, and finishes. Tile comes in sizes of 24”x48” for those look for rectangular, large cuts of tile. There is also the 24”x24” size for those looking for a nice square size. The 12”x24” offers a smaller rectangular version. Lastly, the 6”x24” is the smallest rectangular version. Even if a space is rather small, large cuts of tile such as 24”x48” can elevate a space.

The Collection

In terms of tile, the collection offers four different options to choose from. The colors in this collection are neutral and their soft and calming feel can complement any space. Hook is a beautiful modern grey option with grains of black throughout. Tie offers a lighter grey that can open up and brighten a space. Bolt is similar to Tie, however, it is a slightly darker version of grey. With grains of black throughout, the tile has a modern feel about it. Chain offers a medium-tone grey that is sure to open up and elevate any space.

Benefits of Porcelain Stoneware Tile

There are plenty of benefits to having porcelain stoneware in your home or residential space. Porcelain stoneware is completely eco-friendly and nontoxic. The tile is hygienic and safe. It’s also easy to clean while still being stain resistant. When it comes to durability, look no further. This porcelain tile is chemical resistant while also being scratch and abrasions resistant. It can survive the daily wear and tear of life. This tile is also heat and fire resistant. On the other end of things it’s also water and damp resistant. Porcelain tile is easy to install and hassle free.

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