Bruce Lifeseal Vinyl

Bruce Lifeseal Vinyl
The Bruce Lifeseal vinyl collection is inspired by the beauty of nature. The collection offers stunningly realistic flooring that is durable and made to last. The colors in this collection are versatile in order to better replicate the appearance of authentic natural wood, stone, and marble. With wide planks the flooring is made to be seamless and elegant with an upscale design that makes a statement.

These floors are made to withstand daily wear and tear. The planks are 100% waterproof as well as scratch and dent resistant. The durability of these planks makes for kid and pet friendly flooring. In terms of cleaning, these floors also come with Cleantivity technology. The antimicrobial protection inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew.

The collection is broken down into three different groups. The Classic flooring collection, Trending, and Reserve. The Classic collection come with planks that are 5.9˝ x 48˝. The collection has a 35 year Limited Warranty. When it comes to the Trending collection, plans are 7.1˝ x 60˝ and the flooring has a Lifetime Limited warranty and a 15 year Limited warranty. Lastly, the Reserve collection offers both Oak and Stone planks. The Oak planks are 9.1˝ x 60˝ and the Stone planks are 12˝ x 24˝.

When it comes to installation, these floors can be installed by locking the planks together or with the glue down method. Planks can be installed below, on ,or above ground level.

The Collection

The Bruce Lifeseal vinyl collection offers a range of flooring options from greys to browns to stone flooring. The flooring can complement a range of spaces from traditional to contemporary. Bruce Lifeseal Day Dreamy Gray and Bruce Lifeseal Forever Gray are two mid-tone grey flooring options in the collection. The floors are contemporary and give a space a sophisticated feel. Bruce Lifeseal Reserve Cloudiness Gray is a light grey flooring option that is slightly rustic and has more of a distressed tone to it.

The two darkest colors in the collection are Bruce Lifeseal Tree Trunk Brown and Bruce Lifeseal True Brew are some of the darkest flooring options in the collection. Bruce Lifeseal Tree Trunk Brown is a dark, rich, chestnut brown that adds a bold appearance to a space. Bruce Lifeseal True Brew is a blend of light and dark chestnut tones that adds depth and character to a space.

Bruce Lifeseal Reserve Travertine Homestead and Bruce Lifeseal Reserve Marble Winter White are both the only stone flooring options in this collection. The marbled floors add a luxurious feel to a space and open it up.

The collection also offers some lighter tones that can brighten up a space and are perfect for a kitchen or living room. Bruce Lifeseal Reserve Studio Tan and Bruce Lifeseal Reserve Sunbathe are both two light and inviting flooring colors.

See something that would fit well in your space? Give us a call at 510-698-5142. We are here to answer any questions you may have about this collection, other collections, or flooring in general.

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