Engineered Floors The New Standard II

Engineered Floors The New Standard II
Engineered Flooring’s The New Standard II collection uses the technology of Triumph to create floors that are durable and beautifully designed. Whether you have pets, kids, or both, these floors are made to stand the test of time. Worried about kid spills or pet accidents? These floors are 100% waterproof and pet friendly. You’ll never have to worry about accidents or spills damaging your floors in the long run. When it comes to scratches or dents these floors are also incredibly resistant.

Each plank is 6" X 48" and 5.0 mm thick. For extra protection each plank also comes with a 12 mil wear layer. Planks are made to look and feel like real wood. With high definition visuals and embossing these floors give off the appearance of real hardwood flooring. With advanced technology these floors offer the character and stunning appearance of hardwood floors with all the benefits of vinyl flooring.

The New Standard II collection is Floorscore certified. This means that the floors in this collection are in compliance with stringent indoor air quality emissions standards. The goal of the Floorscore certification is to have healthier and cleaner indoor air quality. Floorscore certification is the most recognized indoor air quality certification standard when it comes to hard surface flooring materials, adhesives, and underlayments. With this certification you will never have to worry about toxins.

Installation is quick and easy. These floors can be installed using the float method and can even be installed over existing flooring.

The New Standard II collection has a seven year commercial warranty and a lifetime residential warranty.

The Collection

The New Standard II collection is made up of twelve flooring colors to choose from. With such a wide variety of options, this collection pairs well with a range of different interior design styles. Whether you have a more contemporary, modern, or even rustic interior design style, there is something for everyone in the New Standard II collection. Antigua is a bold and rich medium brown that can add a rustic and sophisticated appearance to any space. This floor is also a perfect option for a formal dinning or living room as well as a home office. Aruba is a blend of a variety of light greys. This floor is the perfect backdrop to contemporary home décor style. Bay of Plenty is a rustic yet very modern floor that is a blend of yellow, medium brown, and light grey. This all comes together to create a floor that has a rustic, inviting charm to it. Beachcomber is a warm yellow, medium brown, and lightly red blend that has a cabin feel to it. Bounty is a blend of a variety of shades of browns and light grey. This floor has a rustic and earthy appearance to it. It is perfect for a living room or an at home office area. Caicos is a dark and rustic floor. This floor is a blend of light and dark greys. Castaway is a light grey floor that has a smooth and sleek appearance to it. The floor pairs well with neutral furniture in a more minimalistic space. Grand Cayman is a medium brown floor that is perfect for adding a bit of charm and sophistication to your space. Horseshoe Bay is a very cool tone floor. It is a blend of light greys and light browns. The floor has a weathered and aged appearance to it. It is perfect for adding character into a space while giving it an open and modern feel. Key Largo is a light, soothing blonde floor. It is perfect for a space that you want to be open and inviting. Pair this floor with neutral colors and put in a space with a lot of light and this floor will pop. Paradise and Playa are both light grey and rustic flooring options.

See something you love? Give us a call at 510-698-5142. We can answer any questions you may have about The New Standard II collection or flooring in general. If you would like to see more flooring options from Engineered Floors, be sure to check out their other collections here.

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