Bentley Mills Ground Rules

Bentley Mills Ground Rules
The Bentley Mills Ground Rules luxury vinyl tile collection brings a natural hardwood aesthetic to your home with the appeal of dynamic flooring that is built to last and hold true to superior performance via a unique blend of materials that create engineered benefits. Having natural hardwood floors used to be a status symbol, but now having something gives the same look but with even more additional benefits and reasons to buy, makes this the collection of your dreams. Youve been waiting for a collection like this and Bentley Mills is bringing it straight to your home. No longer will you loose sleep at night on subpar flooring designed by those who dont live and breathe dedicated manufacturing. Now, youre going to wake up and have the best days of your everyday life as you firmly plant those 10 toes against the optimized and beautifully textured vinyl floors of the Ground Rules collection.

Well if luxury vinyl tile isnt the only great thing from Bentley Mills, how about the fact it is luxury waterproof flooring as well. Thats right, these floors from Bentley Mills as part of their groundbreaking Ground Rules collection are 100 percent waterproof thanks to a 20 mil wear layer with water tight joints engineered to provide the ultimate protection for your home. These floors are guaranteed to hold up in areas where water will be existing, such as the bathroom or the basement. Its a fact that water destroys natural hardwood floors, which makes this a step above and a vote for luxury vinyl tile.

The luxury vinyl tile comes in sizes of 6 by 48 inches. The longer planks allow for some great patterns whether a random ashlar install or herringbone. The look for your home is predicated on your wants and desires. You are in charge of your domain. This is your time to let your voice speak through your space and to prioritize you. These FloorScore Certified floors also can be effortlessly installed. Whether you want a DIY process or to hire a professional touch, the floors can be installed via a glue down system. Nine floors are included in the Bentley Mills Ground Rules luxury vinyl tile collection. These gorgeous colors are not a ground rule double but rather a home run. Theres no holding up at second base as youll be rounding home with the best floors in your neighborhood.

Fresh Start symbolizes what everyone needs at some point in their life. When inflection and reflection come together to create a process so mind-bendingly beautiful, its time for something new. Maybe a trip to the coast, maybe a new life in the mountains, whatever it may truly end up being, this sand and beige colored hardwood look is the fresh start you are craving for your life.

Manners Matter and thats why your house is going to be so staunch in sophistication, principles, and tradition that your guests are here to abide by your policies and the elegance that you are providing them with a floor that is so magnificently the centerpiece of your home. This dark gray flooring is neutral but firm in tone. Its just like youre going to be as you stand by your value system at the first grand event you host for your place.

Coffee First is that blast of energy, that fuel for adrenaline, that ground swirling awakening that takes the lifeless, futile exhaustion straight from your body in the morning. This floor understands how important starting on time is and what that means for the rest of your day. This superior dark brown looks like a black coffee and its going to raise the hairs on your arm with how strong it is.

Come Prepared is a floor that is there with everything you need from it. You dont want to be left standing on a floor that isnt built to handle the wear and tear of your lifestyle. You need an exceptional foundation piece that is equipped with all the necessary technology to rise up and announce its presence loud and proud. These floors are filled with browns and beiges with some golden undertones to create gorgeous colors with grains that give off the ultimate hardwood flooring vibe and adventure. Simply put, the work you put in today is the output you will receive tomorrow.

Wash Your Hands is going to be the mantra of this light brown and beige flooring with gorgeous grain patterns running parallel. Its important to be cleanly with a floor thats going to keep itself protected and to wash your hands of any flooring that is not.

Wait Your Turn is a significant reminder to take your time when selecting the right floor for your home. Its important to not jump in front of anyone else but rather exude patients and judicious reasoning for the selection of your next flooring product. This warm light brown is patient, its enduring, and most importantly it doesnt cut the line for quality as it waits its turn.

Mute Devices is a great reminder to silence the noise when dealing with a look that is full of wisdom. This vinyl tile has an aged appearance and a variance of colors. The same way you would mute devices to listen to the elderly people in your life, is the exact approach to taking to this floor. Let it speak to you, let it be your foundation, let it be the floor that will guide you along its path.

Be On Time is the floor that is there when you need it. Its not going to be late, its not going to be unreliable as a foundation. Its there when youre there and its going to be endurant to every single one of your needs. Its dark brown with lighter shading creates elegant patterns that are timely to say the least.

First In Line is the floor that pays to be a trend setter. Its often better to be ahead of things than to be behind them and while patience matters, with this floor youre the frontrunner. Youre the lead horse in the race with a gorgeous chestnut color that stands out the most among the variant colors. If you arent first, then youre last if you arent making the Bentley Mills Ground Rules vinyl collection the choice for your home.

There are no concerns to be had with the warranty for the Bentley Mills Ground Rules vinyl collection. Your floors are protected 15 years from the day you install. Thats not one year, thats not five years, that is 15 years! You are guaranteed that your floors are built to endure and withstand any difficulties along the way from the people that believe in them most. At the end of the day, you always have your floors to stand on, just like Bentley Mills stands on its promise to you.
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