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Axiscor Pro

Axiscor Pro
Axis Pro 7

The Axis Pro 7 planks come in 7 inch by 60 inch planks. The planks have cut and painted beveled edges. Each one has embossed in register patterns that give the flooring natural, realistic visuals. The Elk River flooring option is a blend of light greys, dark browns, and tans. The blend of colors creates a stunning contrast. Jackson Square and Whitewater are the two grey flooring options in this collection. Jackson Square is an ashy and aged blend of light greys and mid-tone greys. Whitewater is a light blend of whites and light greys that give a space an open and inviting feeling. Mill Creek is an ashy blend of light grey and light tan tones. The floor has an aged and antique appearance to it. Teton Pass is a light tan floor that has a contemporary appearance to it. Twin Bridges is a light blend of tan tones, light greys, and mid-tone browns.

Axis Pro 9

The Axis Pro 9 collection comes in plank sizes of 9 inches wide and 60 inches in length with a 20 mil wear layer. The planks in this collection come with cut and painted beveled edges as well as natural looking in register textures. Tahoe Natural is one of the lightest flooring options in the collection. The floor is a blend of light, ashy tans and warm chestnut browns that add a warm, contemporary feel to a space. Havana is a dark chestnut blend that adds a rustic and sophisticated feeling to a space. Aged Oak is one of the darkest flooring options in the collection. The color is a blend of dark greys and light greys that make a bold statement. Sandalwood and Timber Bay are two light, neutral flooring options that add a calm and inviting appearance to a space. Boardwalk is a mid-tone grey flooring option that has cool tone to it and

Axis Pro 12

The Axis Pro 12 collection offers a selection of stunning maple, stone, and concrete flooring. Cari Marble and Riona Marble are the two marble flooring options in this collection. Cari Marble is a blend of light grey and whites. Riona Marble is a dark grey contemporary floor that makes a bold statement. For a lighter grey option there is Urban Concrete, a light grey that opens up a space. Copper Stone is the darkest option in the collection. It is a blend of light browns, mid-tone browns, and dark tones of black. It is the most unique flooring option in the collection and adds character and personality to a space.

See something from this collection that you love? Give us a call at 510-698-5142. If you would like to see more hardwood options from Axis, be sure to check out their other collections.

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