Atlas Concorde Marvel Pro

Atlas Concorde Marvel Pro

The Marvel Pro Series uses sturdy porcelain tiles to illuminate the appearance of authentic marble design. This innovation means that you don�t have to compromise. You can still enjoy a luxurious flooring collection, without the constant worry of scratching and ruining real, delicate marble. This series offers a stunning color palette consisting of four shades, that can revamp an area from dull to captivating. A porcelain tile collection like this one lets the homeowner put a personal touch on a space, and make it their own. These designs will speak volumes, while complementing any area�s furnishings and accessories.


Tiles have demonstrated that they are one of the most durable options when it comes to flooring, and the Marvel Pro series is no exception. Tile is easy to clean using the wet mop method, and will resist pesky scratches from even the heaviest of furniture.

Colors and Styles

When brainstorming the name for this first option, the manufacturers truly tapped into what this tile exudes: delightful delicacy. The Cremo Delicato shade has a silky, blonde appearance, with airy hazel details.

Another gorgeous option that is darker and more striking is the Travertino Alabastro. These porcelain tiles bring a blend of beiges and tans to the surface. This beautiful pairing makes for a space that is graceful and elegant.

If you are more interested in porcelain tile with a marble-look that has a stunning silver hue, check out the Travertino Silver option. These tiles will grab anyone�s attention with its unique, light charcoal blends. There are darker etchings throughout the design, making this perfect for the minimalist that still craves attention and envy.

If you want something darker in nature, be sure to consider the gorgeous Noir St. Laurent option. These porcelain tiles have an intense black base tone, paired with bright white vein looking details.

Another brilliant shade is the Statuario Select. This choice is exactly what anyone needs who prefers a timeless combination of lighter greys and creams. This design is sure to pair well with a variety of furniture and home accessories, making for a special at-home getaway essence.

The final option is the Grey Fleury tone. These porcelain tiles convey a message of subtle confidence. Perfected with unified combinations of grey and cream hues, this choice is sure to create an ambience that is special. This option will stand the test of time, in terms of durability and design. Although seemingly contemporary, the Grey Fleury option is perfectly classic.

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