APC Adhered Cork Tiles

APC Adhered Cork Tiles
Material: 100% Natural Cork

Installation: Glue Down

Dimensions: 12"x12"

Thickness: 3/16" Approx. (4.5mm)

Weight: 20 lbs. per carton

Carton: 36 sq. ft. per carton/36 pcs.

Surface Finish: 3 Coats Flexible Acrylic Matte Varnish

Shade Variances

Cork tiles are made from natural materials and subject to shade or tone variations

Tiles may be received from the manufacturer up to a maximum or 3 different shades

Separate the cartons according to shade markings on box; boxes will be marked light, medium or dark

Tile should be installed from alternate boxes using 3 to 4 boxes to even out the distribution of shade variances.

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