Anderson Imperial Pecan

Anderson Imperial Pecan

The Anderson Imperial Pecan hardwood flooring collection is a stunning collection of hardwood pecan floors that give a space depth, character, and elevate the overall design. The beauty, design, and quality of hardwood flooring is hard to compare to other flooring options. The Anderson Imperial Pecan collection spares nothing when it comes to quality and design. These hardwood floors are engineered and finished with UV aluminum oxide to provide a hard coating that protects wood floors from outside damage. The UV coating protects the floors from the fading of their color and sheen due to UV radiation. Due to this, floors are able to stay in pristine condition for a longer period of time.

Sustainability and environmental responsibility are important when it comes to this collection and other Anderson products. The Imperial Pecan collection is Greenguard certified and Cradle to Cradle certified. Both certifications verify that this flooring meets design specifications for indoor air quality. The hardwood is safe and materials are recyclable or reusable.

When it comes to installation, floors can be installed using the nail, staple, glue, or float installation method. Floors can be installed above, on, or below grade. Warranties are offered for this collection. There is a limited lifetime residential finish wear warranty as well as a limited lifetime structural warranty. For commercial there is a five-year limited warranty.

The Collection

The Anderson Imperial Pecan collection is made up of seven stunning Pecan hardwood floors. Pecan is a unique design that is appealing to many when it comes to the interior design of a space. Pecan hardwood flooring has a lot of color variation to it. Pecan hardwood is a mix of sapwood and heartwood that blends throughout the planks. The dynamic variation in the tones and texture of this wood is what makes these hardwood floors standout an elevate a space. With natural hardwood floors no two planks are the same, each lank has a different pattern of wood. Each plank comes in random lengths of up to 82.67" and is 7.5" wide. The collection has a stunning balance of smooth and complex grains with warm tones that add an interesting and inviting element to a space.

Antique is a blend of warm, medium browns and light brown hardwood that is both grainy and smooth in appearance. The blend of textures adds character to a space and creates a sense of warmth and home. The name Antique fits the flooring well as it has an aged and vintage feel to it. Fawn is a blend of noticeably light brown with deeper tones of brown blended. This creates a hardwood floor that feels sophisticated yet inviting at the same time. The dark wood also gives the floor a more rustic appearance to it. Flaxen is a golden brown with dark brown mix together for an overall flooring option that warm and inviting. Flaxen is perfect for a space that you want to have an open feel to it such as a living room or kitchen space. This floor pairs well with neutral furniture for a modern interior design. For those that are looking for a rich, ebony hardwood floor, this collection offers three bold and rich flooring options. Origin, Dove, and Umber are all stunning ebony hardwood flooring choices. Each one adds depth, character, and overall sophistication to a space.

See something in this stunning Pecan hardwood flooring collection that is catching your attention? Give us a call at 510-698-5142 to talk with one of our flooring specialists for more information. We can answer any questions or concerns you may have when it comes to the Anderson Imperial Pecan collection or any other flooring. For a look at more collection from Anderson hardwood, click here.

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