Anderson Noble Hall

Anderson Noble Hall
The Anderson Noble Hall collection showcases the bold visuals of hardwood flooring with muted neutral tones for flooring that is classic and traditional. Anderson Noble Hall's muted colors step back from extravagance and embrace simplicity, allowing this floor to be utilized in several interior motifs. Whether your interior design goals are for your space to feel more traditional or contemporary, these floors are the perfect neutral subtle backdrop.

Derived from the oak species, these 7" planks sport a Janka hardness rating of 1360, which indicates that this hardwood will not soften, scrape, or buckle under normal conditions. Thanks to its engineered construction, these planks can be installed over radiant heating systems without causing damage to the wood. Its wire-brushed surface gives Noble Hall not only a unique texture but also intriguing visuals, as the grain patterns and natural knotting of the wood ebb and flow between each plank.

Colors and Styles

Anderson's Noble Hall hardwood is available in nine colors with medium shade variation. The Baroness option pairs well with both traditional and modern d

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