Anderson Bernina

Anderson Bernina
The Anderson Bernina collection is made up of stunning hand-scraped hardwood that adds a sense of history to a space combined with the classic charm of hardwood flooring. Available in Hickory or Maple planks, a special staining technique further highlights the wood's unique grain formation and natural knots. Whether you're looking to use this luxury hardwood flooring in a traditional or contemporary setting, this selection offers versatility to suit the needs of either style or setting allowing the surrounding color palettes to pop.

The Anderson Bernina Hickory and Maple hardwood selection is an engineered heavy scrape hardwood that is proudly made in America and comes in at ½" thickness and 5" width. A narrow width, but an ability to be cut into longer pieces produces a great planking system to suit both traditional or contemporary styles and is perfect for a floating installation method. Since the Anderson Bernina Hickory hardwood selection is engineered, it comes with the heavy-duty ability to withstand normal wear and tear when placed in a higher traffic area due to the wood's natural economical toughness and strength.

The Collection

This selection of hickory hardwood flooring is available in four traditional and transitional contemporary colors. The colors of this special hardwood flooring selection range from the traditional wood tones to the more contemporary grey hues. Each plank of flooring comes with its own unique visual impact through the soft, dark edges. The Anderson Bernina Hickory Sella is a soft, dark tone of brown with deep grey staining riddled calmly throughout, giving the wood its vintage look. These very rich, rustic colors happily produce a warm and homey look in any space.

Muretto is a wood-brown color with initial hints of greying in the process of its staining and graining. This color would be best for those who are looking for some grey in their coloring but not as apparent as what is seen in the Sella plank. Fora is a lighter brown with ever so slight red tints that wave through the wood that creates a toasted milk chocolate appearance. The darker browns in each piece help to compose Fora's staining process and graining, giving the color an overall rustic look, and charming feel.

Cambrena is a golden light brown variation, paired with grey staining and age graining. The neutral browns are enhanced within the sunny golden blends, completing the shade and making for an attractive hand-scraped look, for which the Anderson Bernina Hickory Flooring is known for.

With four additional color choices to choose on the Maple side of Bernina, the Bianco option carries a lighter brown with a sweet brushing of a dark overlay and light tan graining. Where the Bellavista is very similar, but varies as it has a darker tone of brown hues. Castello has a tasteful twist of tan, beige, and light brown with a subtle hint of the dark shading around the knotting. The Varuna has a classic old-world look with deeper brown hues and camouflage age ribbons.

Durable. Beautiful. Versatile. This summarizes the Anderson Bernina collection. Ready to install Anderson Bernina hardwood floors for your project? Our in-house team of professional experts is ready to help! From brainstorming design ideas to one-on-one support, you'll enjoy a seamless transaction from start to finish. Give us a call at 510-698-5142. To check out more collections from Anderson hardwood, click here.

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