Anatolia Prima

Anatolia Prima

All your flooring and roofing issues can be resolved by this series of Anatolia Prima True Body Porcelain tiles. Do you want a matte finish for your bathroom floor or you want to go for a glossy look? Select from our range of matte and polished porcelain tiles. These rectified tiles exhibit a uniform and precise facial dimension. The color of their surface goes all the way through the layers and because of that, these tiles does not show any kind of wear.

Each category of the Prima series is available in a beautiful selection of colors. Rather than being black and white, this range features essential neutral shades that go well with any kind of color scheme. The options include True White, Warm White, Ivory, Smoke, Mica, Clay, and Charcoal. Perfect for classic as well as modern interior, this brilliant color range instantly lights up your surrounding. With a shade variation of V1, these tiles are almost completely identical to each other.

Apart from the 2� x 2� matte mosaics, there are four size options available in matte and polished categories: 12� x 12�, 12� x 24�, 3� x 24�, and 24� x 24�. These frost resistant tiles have a scratch hardness of 9 Mohs for matte tiles and 6 Mohs for polished tiles along with a class-A chemical resistance. Low water absorption rate of 0.5% imparts durability and strength to the tiles. Perfect for your bathroom, kitchen countertop, backsplashes, floors, or your porch, these tiles do not break easily and can tolerate heavy stress impact.

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