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Amtico Stone

Amtico Stone

Amtico Stone Vinyl Tile Flooring is an excellent and durable choice for those who need and want natural stone looks without the hassles of natural stone maintenance. The equilateral standard size for this stone collection of these Amtico tiles, which is 12” x 12”, is an excellent fit when it comes to different application uses. Whether you need residential or commercial endeavors, your design sensibility will not be disappointed.

Each tile color offered in Amtico’s Stone vinyl tile collection comes in an array of styles that range from emulations of granite, slate, travertine, and limestone. Its unique dimensions, 12” x 18” depending on the layout of your home or business, can vastly enhance spatial depth in rooms with open floor plans. For example, Welsh Slate, is one of our favorites, sporting a relaxing emerald, green shade ideal for establishing a calming atmosphere.

Oppose to the two giving sizes above, 12” x 24” is another perfect designer choice, that makes available a dimension that reflects the current modern sensibilities of style. With a broad array of design options to choose from, this vinyl tile size will turn any, otherwise ordinary home décor, into a pristine elegance with heavy utility. The wonderful looks of natural stone can be brought to your residential or commercial space without the expensive price tag of travertine, marble, and granite.

If you’re looking for a more creative tile length, an 18” x 18” is available to complete the unique selection of sizes. This size offers a larger monolithic dimension than its standard counterparts, excluding a level of sophistication and elegance that cannot be achieved with smaller vinyl tiles. Because of Amtico’s commitment to excellence in the entire company’s products, this Stone collection is exceedingly different to tell apart from bona fide natural stone tiles. With 30 colors and styles available, you will be sure to find the right design for your personal aesthetic specifications.

Aside from Amtico’s Stone’s stunning visuals available in the collection, a warranty for both residential and commercial spaces are given. If your project is associated with a residential space, a 25-year warranty is given; and on the other end, a 20-year commercial warranty is offered for those with a vision to redesign a business space.

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