Amtico Spacia Wood

Amtico Spacia Wood

Amtico Spacia Wood is a vinyl flooring series that combines the beauty of natural wood floors but without the steep price and high maintenance of natural timber. Sporting a durable surface that looks stylish and authentic, this vinyl collection is full of hardwoods with incredible color depth only achieved through top-quality high-definition graphics. Each of the most popular hardwoods has a voice in the Amtico Spacia Wood collection, including maple, cherry, teak, oak, ash, and many more species from around the globe.

Amtico Colors

There are over 40 colors to choose from in this wood vinyl collection. With all these options available, there is something for every interior design style from contemporary to traditional, or something else entirely. There are so many options for you to consider and you're bound to find something you love. Minimalist designers who love the simple beauty of undyed hardwoods will enjoy the nude tones of Amtico Spacia Wood Pale Maple, while more funky designers should look toward the expressive vertical grains of Zebrano. Bleached Elm is a gorgeous floor with shades of sage green and rippling grain patterns that resemble watercolors in its flow. We recommend the various cherry floors for traditional designers, like the silky smooth Pale Cherry or the caramel tones of Warm Cherry. Shabby-chic designers like Worn Ash, with its vintage, timeworn aesthetic and pale grey tones that are reminiscent of a laid-back bungalow or a home with a French-inspired style.

The Admiral Oak and Cellar Oak color options fit well with blends of modern and minimalist interior d�cor. Think glass tables, hardwood cabinets muted with charcoal grey finishes, and black leather couches and chairs. In stark contrast, Warm Maple provides a soft, traditional homey feel to any living space or office, having the ability to draw in ample natural light with its subtle tones of light beige, off-white, and intermediate brown. We love the Mahogany option for a more antiquated yet sophisticated look, saturated with dark reds jumbled with dignified browns. Black Walnut is also another excellent choice to achieve this particular ambience, along with Antique Oak and Warm Walnut. The Pale Maple option is ideal for a floating, airy aesthetic, as its soft off-white tones go great in areas with large panoramic windows, dark decorative wall accents for contrast, and wide skylights that reflect sunlight off this color's surface without being too overpowering. Designers with particularly rustic sensibilities always look to the Aged Timber color for inspiration. Sherwood Oak and Smoked Cedar also make good pairings with rustic shabby-chic motifs, giving off the appearance of reclaimed timeworn hand scraped hardwood in the form of resilient luxury vinyl tiles.

Color Groupings

When designing spaces, sometimes color groupings help with the design selection. This series has several distinct color groups aligned together to help maneuver your decision towards the appropriate design that will be most suitable for your vision. If you are someone who loves bold and mysterious characteristics to be presented within your space, then the black color grouping is the choice for you. Admiral Oak, Cellar Oak, Ember Oak, Inked Cedar, Port Oak, and Spiced Timber are all categorized in Black; with each easily pursuing a daring and striking visual. Lighter than the Black group is the Gray Tones. The gray category consists of featured colors that are extremely alluring with hints of smokiness, leaving it to be just as beautiful as the darker ones. This selection consists of: Nordic Oak, Smoked Timber, Sun Bleached Oak, Weathered Oak, White Ash, White Maple, White Oak, and Worn Ash.

Next, are the Red Hues group, which defines itself from its stunning visuals of red wood tones that bring a captivating woodsy theme and a sense of east coast living to your space. This group contains: Antique Oak, Black Walnut, Mahogany, Warm Cherry, and Warm Walnut. If your desires fit more towards the lighter grouped colors, Beige Taupe�s are simply a perfect choice. This selection is comprised of fawn accents that effortlessly illuminates a space with it�s fascinating sunlit characteristics, leaving any space to reflect a happy sense of enjoyment. This selection of fine colors has: Bleached Elm, Canopy Oak, Eden Oak, Honey Oak, Limed Wood Natural, Pale Ash, Pale Maple, Rustic Limed Wood, Spring Maple, and Warm Maple.

Lastly, is the Mid Tone Browns, which is a popular color group for containing attractive, wood look colors. These colors are featured with a traditional or contemporary style, leaving everyone wanting to incorporate it into their living spaces due to the creative aspect it holds. The colors in this grouping are: Brown Oak, Classic Cherry, Dry Cedar, Exotic Walnut, New England Oak, Royal Oak, Rustic Barn Wood, Sherwood Oak, Smoked Cedar, Smooth Bark Hickory, Traditional Oak, and Warm Teak.

It isn�t easy deciding what type of flooring design and style you want to place within your home. Following the color groupings above are an easy way to help solve that problem, and make home projects an easy way to build your living space into nothing less of a dream. Explore Amtico's Color Selection for easy access to a more visual look of its colors.

Vinyl Details and Specifications

Don't forget to browse our Amtico accessories to make your Spacia Wood flooring project complete, as these extra items are included in the original shipping price. The 373 pressure sensitive adhesive is preferred and superior over traditional adhesives. Pressure Sensitive allows planks to be taken up with ease compared to traditional glues requiring significantly more effort.

The Amtico Spacia Wood selection features a small 4" x 36" format and a larger 7.25" x 48" plank dimension, depending on your flooring project needs. Regardless of small or large formats, this luxury vinyl will be a breeze to install. That's one of the great things about vinyl; not only does it look smart, but it's also easier to manage than many other types of flooring while possessing the innate ability to replicate the aesthetics of virtually all different flooring materials imaginable.

Sporting an overall thickness of 2.5mm and a 20 mil wear layer, this vinyl collection certainly lives up to its 10-year commercial warranty. A little-known fact about this flooring line is that it is compatible with radiant heating systems in the subfloor, as the planks will not warp or buckle under normal heating conditions. This is especially true for Spacia Wood options that use Amtico's LockSolid installation systems. The planks can be floated over an existing floor and simply click together without the need for any messy adhesives. Its Quantum Guard High Performance (HP) urethane finish further protects this beautiful luxury vinyl floor from excessive wear. In addition to its durability, the collection prides itself in reducing its carbon footprint, something that several cheap vinyl manufacturers don't really lose too much sleep over. Many of this series� products use recycled materials in the construction of their flooring, which makes them eligible for LEED credits and incentives to continue their environmentally sound practices. But enough about technical specifications. With Amtico Spacia Wood, you can have your cake and eat it, too. The desirability of these resilient vinyl planks are enhanced by its incredible, realistic visuals and versatility in several realms of interior design. The collection has something for everyone's design sensibilities, whether they are traditional, contemporary, modern, shabby chic, exotic, or minimalist.

Why People Love Amtico Vinyl Flooring

There are several reasons why so many people choose vinyl flooring over other types such as hardwood, laminate, or natural stone. It's cheaper, more durable in certain environments, and many times it can be floated over an existing floor without having to pay for time-consuming and costly flooring removal services. Durability is certainly the main reason to pick vinyl over other floors, especially in commercial settings that experience heavy foot traffic, potential spills, and exposure to the elements. Thanks to high-definition imaging technology, aesthetic realism has drastically improved over the last two decades when it comes to vinyl flooring. Prior to the late 1990s and early 2000s, vinyl was more or less seen as a floor that was easily replaceable, not particularly too exciting, and for lack of a better word, tacky. Unfortunately, even today this mindset still exists with authentic hardwood and natural stone purists. But this vinyl collection is quickly breaking this way of thinking, as even a trained eye has a difficulty in telling the difference between these vinyl planks and bona fide hardwood, especially from a distance. As much as we here at love traditional construction materials for floors, sometimes vinyl is the better option when projects need to hold up to constant use. Installing solid antique hardwood in a warehouse would be akin to laying down carpet in a bathroom; certain things just don't make too much sense. This series has held up to even the most rigorous tests and industry standards, making it extremely popular with many builders and home buyers across the country.

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