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Florim Stratos

Florim Stratos

Florim Stratos porcelain tile flooring projects a stunning linear appearance with modern sensibilities. The collection is Ideal for both residential and light commercial settings with a durable design that withstands various elements. With high abrasion resistance, these wood look porcelain tiles are less prone to freeze-thaw cycles that occur in cities across the country.

Meanwhile, a water absorption rate of less than 0.5 percent makes this lineup nearly impermeable to moisture. These rugged attributes give designers the flexibility to install with confidence in an array of settings. The porcelain tiles surface is well suited for bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms without the need to be extra cautious. Made from 20-40 percent recycled content by weight; this series is a favorite for eco-friendly design concepts. Contractors appreciate the thin set installation that is time and cost efficient for remodeling or new construction projects. Two of the six sizes are rectified to allow narrow grout line installations, which can otherwise be problematic. You can choose from rectangular 12x24, elongated 6x24, monolithic 18x18, standard 12x12, rectified 11 5/8x23 7/16, or extra large rectified 17 1⁄2x35 1/5 porcelain tile floors.

In general, wider tiles make large rooms seem more inviting, while narrower widths add spatial depth to smaller spaces. Our flooring specialists are happy to suggest what porcelain tiles best meet your project needs. The rooms size, natural light exposure, decor and purpose may each be factors to consider.

The 5 available colors touch various points on the spectrum with the common benefits of intricate details and lasting beauty. Stratos Antracite 1095144 is the darkest shade available and showcases a blackish grey tone with softer grey streaks. Consider this model for a unique twist in formal spaces, such as dining rooms, dens and living rooms. Light colored drapes and beige furniture create a stark contrast, while darker shades are a subtle complement. Stratos Silver 1095164 brings a radiant elegance that matches shabby chic decor or vintage settings as well. You can accentuate or underscore the effect of this porcelain tiles color with dark or light fabrics respectively.

For an intermediate grey that brings a stately feel in more neutral tones, look to Stratos Cenere. This is a great choice for rooms that serve various functions, such as a kitchens where you cook and entertain. The warm shade matches nearly all color schemes so you can remodel with confidence as design tastes change.

To order Florim Stratos porcelain tile, please call our flooring specialists for quotes.

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